What David Quinn said after the loss to Columbus

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to the Blue Jackets and said (MSG):

  • On the game, “it was nice to have that final moment before the season ends. I think we’ve scored one 6 on 5 goal this season, against Washington, and I thought we did a good job on the 6 on 5 and had some chances before the goal. It’s pretty cool to tie the game up with 6 seconds to go, would have been nice to win in OT or shootout but it’s nice for the guys to have that feeling in the last home game, the emotion of our crowd and what it could be if we have the success we certainly strive to have and think we are capable of moving forward.”
  • “Our first period they threw everything they had at us, and I didn’t think we defended really well and we were slow to people in our own zone, didn’t play fast enough in the neutral zone. Georgie played outstanding all through the night but most of all in the first. Proud of our guys to how we adjusted after the first, they may have been a little deflated too becasue they had so many Grade As and frustration set in on their part. I thought we did a much better job defending and not giving up those crazy chances that we did in the first, we were slow with the puck, slow to get to people and didn’t get a chance to establish any D-zone structure because they were winning battles and we were slow to people.”
  • On Buchnevich, “we’ve been on him about shooting pucks and he has shot more and his overall game has improved, that comes with maturity and as you get older you get wiser and make better decisions and understand the game a little better, I think that is what happened with Pavel, he’s understanding the full scope of hockey and becoming a more well-rounded player and he is getting rewarded statistically.”
  • On Kreider, “he had some chances, that line was really good and gave us a spark, a real first-line feel for sure. Kreids is very explosive, he can kill you on any shift, he can strike and made a heck of a play on the goal, showed some great pose, Mika made a great play and it’s good to see him feel good and get rewarded.”
  • On the top line, “every one of them brings something different to the table, there is a good mix there. Kreids with his strength, speed, shot, Mika is as well rounded a center that we have but creeping into the top number one centers in the league, I think, and Buchie’s game is growing, he’s skilled offensively and can create and does a little bit of everything. When those guys are on their game they can be dangerous.”