Brady Skjei Chris Kreider

What Brady Skjei and Chris Kreider said on NHL Network

Chris Kreider and Brady Skjei were on NHL Now on the NHL Network and said the following:

  • Skjei | Why play for Team USA: : “I saw the roster and team that they put together, Chris Drury and the other managers did a great job. When you see that many talented players going over and representing your country it’s usually a good sign.”
  • Kreider | “It’s a huge honor, a fun tournament and seeing parts of the world you’ve never seen before the and the competition is pretty elite.”
  • Kreider | “I shot on Henrik Lundqvist the past week and a half, just me and him.”
  • Kreider | How long did you shoot with Henrik, “as long as he wanted pucks, he likes seeing shots. I score a handful of goals…”
  • Skjei | On Henrik Lundqvist, “he had his ups and downs but it’s unbelievable how competitive he is and how focused he is every day. He comes to the rink and is usually the last guy off the ice taking shootouts, before games, so focused. To see that every day and learn off it is really huge.”
  • Skjei | On Zuccarello and Dallas “been texting him here and there, we want them to keep going…I’m a big Stars fan right now.”
  • Did you watch the draft lottery
  • Kreider | “I got a text from people pretty surprised we got the second overall pick. When you can add a top-five pick to the lineup and someone that can contribute right away, that is a huge get for us.”
  • Skjei | What is your summer like after the Worlds, “A few golf trips, heading to Colorado for a weekend. Going back to Minnesota and train and play in DaBeautyLeague.”
  • Kreider | “I don’t have much planned, I’m not really a golfer. Just trying and get outside and get some sun, get back to work.”
  • Kreider | What do you do for fun, “Wiffle-ball”