2019 Draft Jeff Gorton Rangers

What Rangers GM Jeff Gorton said about the draft and prospects

Jeff Gorton spoke with Bill Pidto on MSG last night and said the following:

  • On being at the draft lottery, “when they are turning over the cards and you know when your card is coming and it’s not there, I had my phone on vibrate in my back pocket and all the sudden (shaking movements) I had about 200s of texts of people excited about what happened. It was great and then you know you are going to three and you want to get as high as you can and you hope for the best and standing with the straightest face and they flip over three and we were going two, I didn’t want to jump up and down but I felt like it. When they flipped over Chicago and we knew we were in the top two, my phone was going (shaking moves) it’s a great night for the Rangers and it’s been a great experience to go over to these tournaments to watch these players and know where we are picking. To know we are picking two and watch players, it’s a different kind of feeling.”
  • On it being a two-player draft, “I’m glad to be in the top-two, whether we are one or two there is an opportunity to get a special player, we will leave it at that. There is still work to do, some tournaments to play and it will all play itself out but we are certainly happy to have it come up our way for a change.”
  • Can you say Kaapo Kakko, “I can say Kaapo Kakko, I can say anything if I write it down on a piece of paper. Kaapo Kakko, Jack Hughes, I can see them.”
  • On Hughes and Kakko, “their ability to make players better, when you step on the ice everyone is gunning for you and trying to stop you and they can’t, they both have that ability. They are different players but special in their own way. It’s great for the Rangers and the future is bright.”
  • On how things are going during the President search, “for me it’s been no different, a lot of decisions are made every day and that is the job. We are making deals, trying to trade people and doing what we can do. We made a deal the other day, nothing really changes or stops for the Rangers. We are just worried about tomorrow and what we are going to do.”
  • On Adam Fox, “he is a terrific talent and a player we have had our eyes on for a long time. When he was drafted he slipped in the draft a little and the game changes every day and moves in the direction of a player like this. His puck poise, his ability to make players better, he has all of that and it should be exciting to see where he fits in.”
  • On Kravtsov, “really talented player that can score goals and make plays, he can do it in traffic, really good on the PP, has a lot of talent and will fit in. Where we find that spot we will see but looking forward to him coming over and it will work itself out.”
  • On Shesterkin, “his track record is a little longer, he chose to stay a little longer like Henrik did before he came over. He’s had a lot of success, been in the Olympics, World Championships and his numbers speak for themselves. We are excited to get them both over and a lot of times they have to acclimate to the situation and playing a different game and we will afford them that but the future is bright for both of them pretty soon.”