Kaapo Kakko

(Watch) Kaapo Kakko’s “spectacular” goal for Finland against Denmark

Gord Miller, on TSN, called it “spectacular.”

Ray Ferraro, on TSN, said “we’ve talked about this with Kakko a couple of times, he doesn’t score goals with just speed, doesn’t score with just power or his shot, it’s a bit of everything. He takes this pass and uses his speed, then his skill and then presence of mind below the goal line to know how much room he has as he takes it below the line, where his feet are to put it in front of the goal post to dunk it into the empty net. What a beauty from Kaapo Kakko.”


Miller and Ferraro then had the following exchange:

  • Miller: “safe bet he will end up in the NY metro area but it was always assumed he would be a Ranger.”
  • Ferraro: “if you are Jersey you have to at least think about it, I think you have to think about. It doesn’t mean you change your mind after watching throughout the year but he is an impressive player. There are positional difference, center vs wing, Hughes is a little younger….I’ve been really impressed, I think it’s the variety of the ways that he has scored that impresses me. I’d be more concerned if his goals were all power, like in Junior where you just power your way past younger players. That is not the case here, older players and he has scored with his skill, his shot, that was a beauty.”

Ferraro added later in the game, “I just see a maturity with this kid. When they shoot them coming into the locker room he always has a big smile on his face, giving the trainers fives all the time. For an 18-year old kid he seems to have confidence and self assured yet he seems to be a pretty good teammate and little things like that are impressive to watch.”

Kakko also picked up an assist on Finland’s third goal: