2019 Rangers Offseason, Kaapo Kakko

Rangers will almost certainly hold onto #2 pick

Jeff Gorton told NHL.com  that while it’s his job to listen when teams call, “it’s far to say” that the Rangers will hold on to the second pick. (NHL.com)

Gorton said “we know we’re going to get a pretty good player” and that “the opportunity to get a franchise player, it’s hard to do.” (NHL.com)

The Rangers are expected to draft either Jack Hughes or Kaapo Kakko with the second overall pick.


John Davidson said last week on picking #2, “I know there are two good ones there so it’s a heck of start for me with Hughes and Kakko, we will see what New Jersey does and we will have a big smile on our face.”

He added, “whatever happens across the river, they do and we will take care of business on our side. Different types of players, Kakko is bigger forward and Hughes is not quite as big but faster and a little bit more dynamic, both are terrific talents and game changers. They are going to make an imprint on hockey in this area.”

Adam Rotter: This isn’t a huge surprise but there have been whispers that teams have called the Rangers and tried to engage them, maybe just conceptually, in some sort of big trade involving #2. For the Rangers to move out of #2 they would need to land a young superstar, or two, and that just seems unlikely for a variety of reasons. The Rangers will sit at #2, gladly take Hughes or Kakko and then see how things shake out heading towards pick #20.