Henrik Lundqvist

John Davidson is going to get on the same page with Henrik Lundqvist

5/29/19 | Jeff Gorton told NHL.com that the Rangers are planning to have Lundqvist for the final two-years of his contract and noted that the first half of the season was “great” for Lundqvist but the second half was “not as good.” (NHL.com)

Lundqvist was 15-12-7 before the All-Star game with a 3.01 GAA and .908 save percentage.

Post All-Star game he was 3-11-3 with a .904 save percentage and 3.18 GAA.


5/28/19 | John Davidson said on The Michael Kay Show last week that he is going to “have a good solid talk” with Henrik Lundqvist and get on the same page about where the organization is going.

Davidson added that “I’d love to see him come back and play 50 games and win 30+ of them. It would be awesome.”

He added that Lundqvist hasn’t had many injuries in his career in regards to his back, hips or knees and noted that he is the “ultimate pro as far as how he trains and gets himself ready.”

Davidson’s final year as broadcaster for the Rangers in 2005-06 was Henrik Lundqvist’s rookie year with the Rangers.

That season Lundqvist was 3rd in the Vezina voting, 4th in the Rookie of the Year voting, 9th in the Hart Trophy and a 3rd team NHL All-Star.

Lundqvist played in 52 games this season, going 18-23-10 with a .907 save percentage and 3.07 GAA.

Lundqvist has reiterated multiple times that he wishes to remain with the Rangers through the end of his contract.

He has two-years left on his deal with a cap hit of $8.5 million.

Adam Rotter: Lundqvist isn’t going anywhere but the Rangers could find themselves in a bit of a situation if Lundqvist’s game continues to slide. The Rangers need to do a better job of defending in front of him but he needs to be better and adjust to the new world where Alex Georgiev or Igor Shesterkin are playing in close to half the games. Lundqvist spent almost all of his career making that extra save for the Rangers, the save that allowed them to hold onto a lead and win a game or a save that allowed them to stay close and rally late. Lundqvist has struggled to make that extra save recently but hopefully he and Benoit Allaire can get things figured out. No one expects Lundqvist to be the goalie he was when the Rangers were making deep runs in the playoffs but he has to be better than he was in the second half last year or he will find himself on the bench more and the Rangers in a bit of an awkward situation.