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Where the Artemi Panarin situation is right now (Updates)

6/30/19 | 10:12PM: The Blue Jackets have reportedly made a late push for Panarin with an eight-year offer likely worth between $12 million and $12.5 million per season. (The Athletic)
9PM: Bob McKenzie tweeted earlier this evening that signs pointed toward the Islanders being the favorites to land Panarin.

McKenzie tweeted shortly after 9PM that the Rangers don’t view the “door closed” on Panarin.

6/28/19 | Larry Brooks writes that while the Rangers may extend an offer to Panarin that they are not expected to get into a bidding war for him. (NY Post)


The Rangers offer to Panarin may be seven-years in the range of $11 million to $11.25 million. (NY Post)

6/27/19 | 6:38PM: Darren Dreger tweets that Panarin was with the Rangers yesterday.

4:39PM: Elliotte Friedman was on the NHL Network on Thursday afternoon and said the following on Panarin:

  • “News got out today that he is visiting the New York Rangers, he’s going to visit the Islanders too. if we are handicapping this for the favorite, I think a lot of people would still pick Florida but I do believe that the Islanders are gonna make a real run at this.”

9:45AM: Panarin’s agent was at the Rangers prospect camp on Wednesday with his kids. Panarin’s agent also represents Vitali Kravtsov. (NY Post)

6/25/19 | Frank Seravalli said on TSN Monday that teams believe Artemi Panarin will end up with a cap hit in the range of $12 million.

He said that “everyone around the league is looking at the New York Rangers as the front runner for Panarin” but that the Islanders are also expected to make a big push. (TSN)

Pierre LeBrun said on Tuesday morning “when it comes to Panarin I think there could be some surprise teams but I view it as Florida, the Rangers and Islanders as the triumvirate. There could be other teams in there but I feel like it will come from those three.” (TSN1050)

Darren Dreger said on TSN on Monday “there is no shortage of interest and the market suggests he could make around $12 million or north of $12 million. It’s supply and demand at this time of year. You are looking at the likes of the New York Islanders, the New York Rangers, maybe Colorado, certainly the Florida Panthers and perhaps the Chicago Blackhawks.” (TSN)

Dreger said on Tuesday morning, “word around the street is that Artemi Panarin is looking for $12 million or north of $12 million as he tours through NHL clubs.” (TSN690)

Pierre McGuire said on Tuesday morning that John Davidson knows Panarin really well but that JD didn’t “have an idea” of where Panarin would end up. (TSN1200)

Pierre added that he thought Florida was the leading contender but ‘we will see.” (TSN1200)

Panarin is expected to meet with Florida today and possibly meet with the Rangers and Islanders later this week.

The Rangers have been considered the favorites at times to land Panarin.

Adam Rotter: There is a feeling from some around the league that while the Rangers are definitely interested and would love to add Panarin that they are not going to get into a bidding war and that he would likely need to pass up better offers to join them. If Panarin is determined to be a Ranger then something will get worked out, but it’s not believed he is dead set on being a Ranger in the way that Kevin Shattenkirk was. Shattenkirk turned down a reported seven-year deal at $7 million per season to fulfill his dream of being a Ranger. While Panarin is believed to have a lot of interest in the Rangers, it’s believed he will go with the team that makes him the best offer. Florida has the benefit of no income tax so he can take a lower cap hit than the Rangers could give but take home more money. The Islanders are the wild card as they can make a run at both Panarin and Sergei Bobrovski and bolster a roster that surprised this past season. My bet is that Panarin, and Bobrovski, end up with the Panthers and the Rangers will just have to wait a few years to give out (likely to Kaapo Kakko or Vitali Kravtsov) their first double digit cap hit.