2019 Rangers Offseason

What Trouba and Buchnevich filing for arbitration means for the Rangers

The NHLPA has announced that Jacob Trouba and Pavel Buchnevich have filed for salary arbitration.

Arbitration hearings are scheduled for the period between July 20 and August 4.

Trouba is expected to sign a long-term deal with the Rangers in the range of seven-years and $7.8 million.


Jeff Gorton said earlier this week of the negotiations with Trouba, “I’ve had really good conversations with those guys, moving in the right direction and I think it will continue to do so. All of our conversations are about how much he wants to be part of it in NY and the Rangers. Everything is positive and we are looking forward.”

Trouba went to arbitration with Winnipeg last season and was awarded a salary of $5.5 million. Prior to the hearing the Jets submitted a salary for Trouba of $4 million while Trouba submitted a salary request of $7 million.

Buchnevich just finished his entry-level contract that had a cap hit of $925,000.

He has 43 goals and 58 assists in 179 games with 21 goals and 17 assists coming in 64 games last season.

Tony DeAngelo and Brendan Lemieux are also RFAs but do not have arbitration rights.

With Trouba and Buchnevich filing for arbitration the Rangers will now have a second window with which they are able to buy out players.

The Rangers did not use a buyout during the first window that ended on June 30th, though there had been some speculation about Brendan Smith and/or Kevin Shattenkirk being bought out.

Buyouts would have the following impact on the Rangers cap moving forward:

  • 2019-20: Smith $970,3833 | Shattenkirk $1.483 million
  • 2020-21: Smith: $3.145 million | Shattenkirk $6.083 million
  • 2021-22: Smith: $1.45 million | Shattenkirk $1.433 million
  • 2022-23: Smith: $1.45 million | Shattenkirk $1.433 million

Adam Rotter: Trouba is expected to get his contract done in the next couple of weeks, if not sooner, and there doesn’t appear to be any danger of a potential arbitration hearing. Buchnevich is a bit trickier but will probably get a two-year bridge deal in the $2.5 million to $3 million range.

The second buyout window is a nice option for the Rangers but I don’t expect them to use it and add more dead space. The Rangers are much more likely to try and pair Smith and/or Shattenkirk with an asset of sorts to clear their contracts or in a deal that moves them but retains some of their salary. That asset could potentially be Buchnevich but the only situation where it makes sense to include him in a deal is if the acquiring team eats all of Kevin Shattenkirk’s salary. Even then it would be a huge price to pay to move a contract that comes off the books after the 2020-21 season.