Jacob Trouba Rangers

The Rangers have made progress on a contract for Jacob Trouba

7/1 | Jeff Gorton said of Trouba, “I’ve had really good conversations with those guys, moving in the right direction and I think it will continue to do so. All of our conversations are about how much he wants to be part of it in NY and the Rangers. Everything is positive and we are looking forward.”

6/28 | Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers and Jacob Trouba’s agent are working on an extension that is expected to be seven-years and in the range of $7.5 million to $8 million per season. (NY Post)

It was noted last week that Trouba’s deal would likely be seven-years and close to $8 million.


A cap hit between $7.5 million and $8 million would likely put him in the top-10 for highest cap hits for defensemen.

Trouba, 25, played last season on a one-year arbitration deal that paid him $5.5 million.

Trouba would be one of only three defensemen 27 or younger with a cap hit of at least $7 million. (Cap Friendly)

Prior to the arbitration hearing last summer, the Jets submitted a salary of $4 million to the arbitrator while Trouba submitted $7 million.

Brian Burke said on Hockey Central at Noon on 6/28, “The money for Jacob Trouba, lets look at what he is. He’s definitely a top-four defenseman but he’s not higher than a three, he can’t play the left side. He has some bite and he can pound the puck but he’s not an offensive threat. He’s in that second pair and that is what the market is for those guys. They are going to choke on the term. With Jacob Trouba, who I like as a player, he has some bit, he’s never turned into the offensive force they thought he might be. When he turned pro the comparisons were to John Carlson, big shot, right shot, American kid, has some bite, will put up good points and he hasn’t. He’s an open-ice hitter, finishes hard in his own end, everyone likes him, I like him as a player but his offense is limited, he can not play the left side. I’m not being critical, it’s just that when he played the left side he hated it and was bad at it. He’s gotta play the right side, he’s not a first PP guy, he’s not a first PK guy on a lot of teams, he might be there. I don’t mind the money, the term is going to be the problem.”

He is slated to be a UFA next summer.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers acquired Trouba knowing that it would cost a lot in terms of cap hit but they feel the investment is worth it because of his age, impact and role in the rebuild. He can be a steal for the Rangers at around $8 million if he can put him 50-60 points, play 22-24 minutes and anchor the Rangers top-pair.