Rangers to gain cap space with Canucks buying out Ryan Spooner

The Rangers have gained $600,000 in cap space with Vancouver buying out the final-year of Ryan Spooner’s contract.

  • The Rangers now have just over $18 million in cap space. (Cap Friendly)

The Rangers retained $900,000 of Spooner’s $4 million dollar cap hit when they traded him to Edmonton for Ryan Strome.

Because of the buyout the $900,000 cap charge turns into $300,000 this season and next season.


Spooner signed a two-year extension with the Rangers last summer but traded him to the Oilers on 11/16 and the Oilers traded him to Vancouver on 2/16.

Last season Spooner played:

  • Rangers: 16 games, 1 goal, 1 assist, minus five
  • Oilers: 25 games, 2 goals, 1 assist, minus six
  • Bakersfield (Oilers AHL): 7 games, 2 goals, 4 assists, plus seven
  • Vancouver: 11 games, 0 goals, 4 assists, minus one

Spooner had scored 16 points in 20 games for the Rangers following his trade from Boston in 2018.

Strome had 18 goals and 15 assists in 63 games for the Rangers last season. He had 18 points in the final 23 games of the season.

Adam Rotter: $600,000 isn’t going to make or break what the Rangers do this offseason but any and all cap space is welcome. Spooner just had a dreadful season everywhere he went and is probably going to need a PTO to make it back to the NHL next season. While Spooner searches for what is next, the Rangers have to hope that the Ryan Strome they saw at the end of last season is the Ryan Strome that they get for all of next season. If he is that guy then the Rangers will have a nice little 1-2 combination down the middle with Mika Zibanejad an Strome.