2019 Rangers Offseason Jeff Gorton

What Jeff Gorton said about Kreider, Trouba and more

Jeff Gorton was on NHL Network on Thursday and said:

  • On the Kakko contract, “it’s pretty typical, I wouldn’t say cookie cutter, but you look at the guys who go 1st, 2nd, 3rd over the last few years and look at those deals and you pretty much come to a deal fairly quickly.”
  • On where Kakko fits next year, “we will see, I wouldn’t want to say too much too early about what he will do. He will come to camp and see where he is at and hope for the best and that he will have an impact this year. I don’t want to put too much pressure on the young man and we will see what happens in September.”
  • On the Rangers/Devils and Kakko/Hughes, “I think it should add some spice, there is no question about it. This doesn’t happen too often, let alone right across the street. Adding these two players to the Metro and this rivalry will be big for years to come and I think our fans are excited and I’m sure the Devils feel the same way.”
  • Will Jacob Trouba go to arbitration, “we will see, I hope that is not the case. We have some time before his hearing comes but I think we’ve had great conversations. Jacob wants to be here and I’ve talked to Kurt a lot and moving forward in the right direction and hoping we will have a deal before going into that room.”
  • On Artemi Panarin, “it’s not a hard sell for New York City, New York Rangers, original six. He liked what we are doing, he liked the kid we have coming, he liked at Zibanejad as someone he can play with and have success with. He understands we have a really good goalie and some players coming, it just seems like a good fit and right from the moment we sat with him we felt comfortable and I’m glad he felt the same way.”
  • Did you see his backflips off a boat, “That is one of those ones where you close your eyes as it happens. He’s out having fun celebrating his contract and who can blame him. It’s a big summer for him and hopefully he is staying healthy and we will get him over here as soon as possible.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “we’ve had conversations with Chris and Matt Kator to let them know where we are and we will continue to do that and try to keep it in house. Chris has been a really good player for us for a while, came out of college and walked right into the playoffs. He’s been a big part of our team and we will see where we go with his agent and hopefully we can get something done going forward.”
  • Where are you in the rebuild, “that is a good question. I never put a time table on what we are doing and we talk about being better every day. This summer we have made ourselves better and are moving in the right direction. I think we have a lot of work to do still, just managing expectations and trying to be better every day and we will see where that has us in September and October and into the season.”
  • On Vitali Kravtsov, “I think he is in the big picture, first-round pick that played in the KHL for a few seasons and has been a good World Junior player. We will see where he is at. His eyes are on the Rangers and we will give him a chance and see where he is come training camp.”
  • On David Quinn, “David is positive energy and it’s infectious and goes right through our team and organization and I think he is a really good communicator that is able to talk to his players and be hard on them but fair so they understand that he cares and that was evident from day one. I think he has been a breath of fresh air as far as his hands on approach and style and behind the bench he has been really good and he’s gotten the most out of his players and I think he will continue to do so and be a really successful coach for a while.”
  • What else can you add, “We went into this summer trying to fix our defense and we made the Trouba deal. We added Fox who should come in and compete for a spot as well. I feel good there and moving forward with some of the pieces like K’Andre Miller and some other guys coming in eventually. We are pretty solid in goal. We could always add a center, the whole league could add a center, but at this point we want to look at Chytil, Andersson and Howden and where they are in their development and go from there. We will give them a long look and see where they are at and if we have to adapt and find some help we might have to do that.”