Chris Drury

Rangers wouldn’t let Minnesota speak to Chris Drury about their GM job

Elliotte Friedman tweets that the Minnesota Wild were not granted permission by the Rangers to discuss their vacant GM position with Rangers assistant GM Chris Drury.

Friedman notes that this is the second time the Rangers have refused permission for a team to talk to Drury, noting that Buffalo, when they had an opening in 2017, was also denied.

In the spring, Drury said the following about his future:


  • On eventually becoming an NHL GM, “I think that long-term that is something I would love to do but right now I absolutely love working for Gorts and the Rangers and got back into the game with one goal in mind and that is to help them win a Stanley Cup and that hasn’t changed for me.”
  • On his path after retiring, “Jeff hired me to get into development and I was Director of Player Development for a year and I got to be in a lot of different meetings, with coaches, draft meetings, free agent meetings, trade deadline meetings and this kind of opened up. The assistant GM job was out there and Jeff asked if I had any interest and was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and get the job.”

Drury has spent the past four seasons as part of the Rangers front office.

Adam Rotter: Chris Drury is highly regarded around the league and his name will continue to come up, in a similar to way that Jeff Gorton’s did, when teams are looking for a new GM. Gorton was always listed as a potential candidate of note when he was assistant GM under Glen Sather and it’s believed that part of why Glen Sather stepped away from being GM was to make sure that Gorton remained and could take charge of the Rangers. Drury is a huge part of the Rangers and their rebuild and it’s not at all surprising that the Rangers would block teams from talking to him.