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What Jacob Trouba said about this coming season

Jacob Trouba joined Fox 5 this morning and said:

  • On his reaction to being traded to the Rangers, “I was kind of shocked, I was cooking dinner when I got the call and we didn’t really believe it at first and it didn’t really set in all summer and when we got here, it’s kind of real now and exciting.”
  • On the team he is joining, “it’s exciting, there is a little bit of unknown in how everyone will fit together, but we will try to figure it out as soon as we can in camp, but being a young exciting team with a lot of skill and talent, there is a bright future here and we want to try and get here as fast as we can.”
  • On feeling pressure, “there is always pressure, that is good, you want the pressure because you are doing something right if you have the pressure on you. With the players we have and the system we have, everything is there for you and you have to go out on the ice and perform and find a way to get some wins and get into the playoffs and then who knows what happens at that point.”
  • On his fiance, “she has a pretty wild schedule, she doesn’t know what type of doctor she wants to be yet, she is in her rotations now. She has new stories everyday for me and sees different patients and she is going to get here boards out of the way and then she will be a little less stressed.”
  • On how important his fiance’s career is to him, “it shouldn’t be more than doing the right thing for someone else. She has worked really hard and deserves to see all of her dreams come true. We set out a couple of years ago to find a way to make it work for both of us and hopefully we are on the right path.”