2019-20 Rangers

Rangers fall to New Jersey 5-2

10:46PM: David Quinn spoke after the game and said (NYR):

  • “they won the special teams battle which was the difference in the game. At the end of the day, it was probably as sluggish as we have looked on the PP all year and they get that, I don’t want to call it lucky, but that quirky goal on that faceoff, Palmieri makes a hell of a shot but we kind of kick it to Georgie and he kicks it to Palmieri. On the fourth one we have it on Bread’s stick and he’s about to send it on a breakaway and his stick breaks, but our PP has to be better than that and capitalize on the opportunities they had because we had plenty.”
  • What was wrong with the PP, “there wasn’t any rhythm, we didn’t play with pace we have, didn’t move the puck the way we had been, I don’t know if we got frustrated because we went 0-4 in the last game but we looked good, had good looks and maybe expectations are that they will score every time they are out there but you’re not and you can’t alter your approach when you don’t score a goal, you can build momentum off a good PP if you don’t score and I just thought we got away from the things we had been doing in the exhibition season and three games we had played.”
  • Was it rust, “maybe, but I actually thought it was the most energetic, physical game we have played. We established some sort of forecheck, I thought their were signs of what we are going to need to do to have success. There are some silver linings but at the end of the day you have to win a hockey game and we weren’t able to win the special teams game.”
  • What did you think of Kakko, “I thought he had a good night.”
  • On the lineup changes, “I thought there was some energy from all four-lines, as a whole we played with more energy and established more of a forecheck, I think we doubled our shot attempts at 5 on 5, we looked more in sync, harder to play against and we just have to keep building on it. It’s nice to play games and we play again tomorrow. When we played the Winnipeg game and then the Ottawa game there was a big level of improvement from one night to the next and hopefully we can make the same kind of improvement since we are playing back to back.”
  • Did you think there was anything sloppy, “when we were up 1-0, right before they scored their goal, we started getting sloppy and it’s puck management, sometimes our makeup hurts us and we think we have to make plays all the time, we have to understand situational hockey. The good news is that we get to play more hockey to understand it better it’s tough to emulate it in practice and we will be able to draw from what happened today and be better for it tomorrow.”
  • On Hall’s hit on Fox, “I thought it was a five-minute major.”
  • On Brendan Lemieux sitting, “he’s fine, coaches decision”

9:43PM: First Period:

Second Period:


  • PPG – Kyle Palmieri (3)
  • Miles Wood (1) ASST: Jack Hughes (1), Matt Tennyson (2)

Third Period:


Adam Rotter:

  • This was a game where the Rangers struggled to execute in all facets of the game. They struggled to make passes, struggled to make and struggled to get any consistent pressure or offense going at 5 on 5.
  • The PP was disappointing on the whole. They had opportunities in each period and a few chances to score but they couldn’t get anything in the net. One thing that is painfully clear is that the PP needs to run through Artemi Panarin, things happen when he has the puck and he also isn’t afraid to put it towards the net.
  • It’s always important to keep in context where the Rangers are and that despite Panarin and Trouba they are still a team relying an awful lot on a bunch of players with limited NHL experience.
  • The Rangers played three games in the first 14 days of the season and, counting tonight, will play three in four nights. Hopefully by Sunday the sloppiness will start to disappear and the Rangers will get themselves into a rhythm.