2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after win over Tampa Bay

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Tampa and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • Did you see them raise their compete level, “yes, we were certainly more engaged, embraced the battle instead of avoiding it and once that happens you start rolling and have a chance. I thought we did it for 60 minutes.”
  • On the young players scoring, “we obviously think a lot of these young players and when you are in the NHL at that age you will have your peaks and valleys and one of the things we loved tonight was how some of the guys responded from having off nights two nights ago. You bring up Chytil and Lindgren and they step in and do a nice job. One of the things we have watched in Hartford is that those guys are doing a great job developing our young players, the environment down there is an environment that will help our young players when they are down there. Kris Knoblauch and his staff have done a hell of a job down there and we are fortunate to have that staff down there and these guys went down there and did what they needed to do, embraced the challenge of going down. They were disappointed when it happened but they didn’t sulk about it and they went down and got better and we reaped the benefits of that tonight.”
  • On Chytil’s game, “a whole different Fil and we saw flashes of it last year but, again, the guy turned 20 this past September..his battle level was so much higher, on the right side of the play, wasn’t much cheating in his game, if any at all, obviously we all recognized his skating and stick skills, that line was good tonight, really good and he stepped in and, I thought, had his best NHL game.”
  • On sitting Staal, “we bring up Lindgren and a lot of things go into these decisions and it was something that I thought was needed and the best thing for our team right now.”
  • Is it something we may see more, “listen, we want to run a meritocracy here and guys that play will continue to play. I have a lot of faith he will play to his capabilities and be in the lineup consistently.”
  • On Lindgren getting involved physically early, “he does that instinctively, when he gets out there you know he is out there and when the puck is in the corner you have to be ready to battle because he plays with a purpose and plays angry. One of the things that we’ve loved is he has improved some of the other areas he will have to improve on to be a regular NHL player. His puck skills have gotten better, his hockey sense has gotten a bit better and he’s playing within himself. I liked his game tonight.”
  • On Adam Fox’s game, “I thought he was outstanding tonight. We are not playing the sisters of the poor either, we’re playing the Lightning and his poise continues to impress me night in and night out. A guy who can step in and play with his poise, deception, his compete level is higher than people may have thought when we traded for him. There was a question of whether he would be able to compete at this level right out of the game and would his skating allow him to play and he answered those questions quickly. I was actually stunned when I liked at the stats and saw he only had one assist, you’d think that with the plays he has made he would have a lot more points but he got one tonight.”
  • On the conversation with Staal, “obviously not an easy one. I can tell you how much respect I have for him, I like the game and it’s all legit and true but it doesn’t make anyone feel better. Those are always hard conversations but I have a lot of faith he will get back to doing what he needs to do to be in the lineup consistently, he’s an important part of our team. Every now and then it doesn’t hurt to sit out, people have a hard time with it and don’t like hearing it, I don’t want anyone to enjoy it but it was something I felt was needed.”
  • How much of a jolt did Chytil and Lindgren give, “maybe it played a little part of it but I think the guys were truly embarrassed about what happened the other night and guys looked in the mirror and realized what they were going to have to do to have a chance. Obviously we are down our number one center, which is never easy, and I think our guys did a hell of a job rallying around each other and playing the way they need to play to get two points.”
  • On puck management, “it’s the best it’s been all year, a couple of their odd-man rushes in the third period were the result of us having offensive chances, sometimes you give up a chance because you got a chance, I can live with that, it wasn’t bad reads or not making good decisions, we were trying to score a goal and all the sudden they are going the other way. I really liked an awful lot about our game.”