2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Nashville

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the game and said:

  • On the game, “I was curious to what would happen today and we all felt very good about what happened against Tampa, a complete 180 compared to what was going on against the Bruins, but there was a different feel. I was optimistic and felt pretty good about what we would see tonight and I thought it was a continuation of what we did against Tampa. I thought our pace was good, we had gaps all over the ice, great scoring chances to make it 3-1 but couldn’t do it, our PK was huge down the stretch and just a gutsy effort.”
  • On Georgiev, “he was really good but I really think it was a team effort, our D-corp played well, our forwards were good, up and down the lineup we had good efforts.”
  • On faceoffs, “we beared down, I thought Brett Howden had some huge faceoff wins down the stretch. I thought they were handing us our lunch in the first 40 minutes but we buckled down and did a much better job winning those draws which was huge in the last 2 1/2 minutes.”
  • On defending the lead, “we did a good job in the third, I thought the game got a little squirrly at 2-0, I thought we kind of abandoned what we were doing to get our lead and got a little sloppy and took too many risks and I thought that we settled down after the second period, did a good job killing that period to start the third. We were playing the right way, I think that is why were getting those chances in that stretch where we ended up getting on the PP. We had 3 or 4 great chances to make it 3-1 and I thought we did a good job playing the game in front of us and opportunities came.”
  • On carrying things over after the loss to Boston, “I think that plays a little bit of a role in it but I think there is more clarity on what we will have to do to have success. Winning feels good, these last two nights have been a lot of fun.”
  • On Chytil, “Fil has come back and played wit ha purpose and pace and I love his intentions. He’s always had the skillset but there is a different element to his game since he went down to Hartford. He’s been playing like a second line center.”
  • On Strome, “Strome has had a good year, not just since Mika has been out. I wanted to strangle him after that penalty at the end of the second period but he’s had a really good year, done a lot of good things killing penalties, on the PP and I like a lot about his game right now.”
  • On Strome and Panarin developing chemistry, “it certainly seems it. I thought Artemi had another good night too, played well but this was a team effort. We can talk about a lot of guys tonight but this truly was a team effort.”
  • On Georgiev’s strong start, “I think the end of last year played a role, I thought he played a lot of good hockey in the second half of the season. He’s a guy that works very hard, over the summer he worked on some of the things we asked him to work on, he’s had a really good start.”
  • On possessing the puck a lot, “There was a lot of things I liked about tonight, I think it was a continuation of what you saw against Tampa, we did a really good job east/west of getting on top of the play, the small areas with foot battles and foot races we won them and when we did get to a battle we were engaged and it allowed us puck possession. The third period, where Fil had that quick little breakaway, that was all about playing the right way and being above the puck and hounding it and we got rewarded offensively for it.”
  • What is working on the PK, “we changed our forecheck a little bit tonight, that being said they did get a PP goal but our kills in the third period, three of them, were huge. They were decisive, aggressive when we need to be, good sticks, cleared pucks and great goaltending.”