2019-20 Rangers

Updates from Rangers practice on Sunday

3:47PM: David Quinn spoke on Sunday and said (NYR):

  • “It was our first real road test and with a chance to win a hockey game, the third period, to me showed an awful lot of what we are made of right now. We had some great chances to make it 3-1, I love that we didn’t sit back, we played smart hockey. They went from the 14 minute mark of the third period to the two minute mark without having a scoring chance. With two minutes to go they got probably a B level chance that I might have been able to save. I really liked the fact that we weren’t playing on our heels, we were on our toes, playing smart, aggressive hockey. We had three glaring chances to make it 3-1 and those two kills at the end, under some adversity, was a great sign.”
  • On Nashville having their push early in the third, “they had the PP and a couple right after that and weather the storm and I thought we really had some momentum swings in our favor and did a good job of playing on our toes, playing smart, aggressive hockey.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “I’ll you right now, that might have been his best game of the year. The goal we get, Chytil’s goal, he does a heck of a job with our transition defense, they sort out the initial rush, everyone gets back in the middle. Libor Hajek has a great stick but Kreider makes a read coming back into our end, we go the other way and he blows by three Nashville guys and because of his net drive Chytil is able to make that great play. He was all over the ice, I thought that was Chris Kreider’s best game of the year.”
  • On the 21 and under players staying on the ice after practice, “we’ve been talking about this as an organization, not only do we feel very good about them as players but as people and their work ethic and drive and coachability and all the things you are going to need to have success in this league. They enjoy each others company, they work hard and hockey and love being out there and we have to take them off because there is a game tomorrow and we are going through a stretch where we are going to play a lot of hockey. There is an awful lot to like about these guys.”
  • On those players and this season, “listen, we just beat Buffalo, Tampa and Nashville, we didn’t beat Rye High, White Plains junior high school, we played three really good hockey games and won. Georgie played well but he didn’t steal those three games for us, we played good hockey for 60 minutes, on top of them, had more scoring chances than our opponent, kept scoring chances to a minimum. I think that should make our guys feel really good about what we need to do and a blueprint of what we need to do to have success. I’ve mentioned our schedule a few times, I thought our schedule was a problem for us, not only because we didn’t play a lot of games but those first two games, we won in a fashion that I didn’t think we were going to be able to win consistently. After that Ottawa game we sat around telling each other how great we were and how we would win hockey games and I think it took us a little while to shake that feeling and we needed to get slapped around a little bit to realize that if we are going to have success it’s not going to be that way.”
  • On Kakko feeling better about his game, “I’ve noticed a lot of improvements, skating a little faster, a bit more physical, quicker to pucks, quicker to battles, smile on his face. I thought his last two games were good.”
  • On Chytil, “the first thing is confidence. He went down to Hartford with a great attitude, didn’t sulk and moan and went down and got better. It’s a great example for anybody in his shoes when training camp ended. He went down, right from the get-go, right from the first practice, every report we got was how good he was. It’s hard to get confidence in this league when you are 19-20 years old, all of these guys equate confidence and success to points. He went down there and worked on what he had to work on to have success offensively here. Defensive zone standpoint, forecheck standpoint, tracking standpoint, he’s doing things consistently and winning wall battles which was an issue for him last year. When you are confident you are more willing to get into battles.”
  • Will Georgiev play tomorrow, “yes.”
  • On him starting three in a row, “he’s played very well and Hank and I talked today, it’s going to happen to Hank too. Hank has played well, it’s not that he hasn’t played well, it’s just we have a little bit of mojo going and Georgie has benefited from us playing well in front of him, Hank and I talked about that as well. Hank will play Wednesday.”

12:33PM: Alexander Georgiev will start for the third straight game on Monday against the Senators. (Stephenson)

Henrik Lundqvist will start on Wednesday against Detroit. (Stephenson)


11:18AM: The Rangers have announced that Mika Zibanejad skated on his own prior to practice this morning. (NYR)