2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Vegas

David Quinn spoke after the win over Vegas on MSG and said:

  • On the start, “one of the things we’ve talked about is that we haven’t had the wherewithal and ability that when things are going poorly to stop it and get better and the last time we played them we had an opportunity to do that, we did it but not very long, but tonight as the game went on we got better and better and better and better and that is a great sign for us.”
  • What improved most, “we did a much better job of managing the puck and not giving up odd-man rushes. Our D-zone structure got better, who knows, maybe the environment scared us a little bit, I don’t mean physically, just the awe of the situation. Getting the first goal helps but after the first 10 minutes we started doing the things we need to do. The thing I was really proud of was how we played in the third period. It was 4-0 and it’s easy to get away from what we need to do but we played a very mature third period.”
  • On defense adding offense, “this modern day NHL you need 5 guys involved offensively and we have the ability to have some of our guys get involved offensively but some of it came off of good defense, we did some real good things in our own end that got us out, created chances for ourselves. We have some guys with good offensive instincts and we took advantage of it tonight.”
  • Was it important to start the road trip like this, “yes, it was. It’s a league of streaks and we have had the ability when we lose to come back and win and that is a great sign.”
  • On Georgiev, “I think he is just a really good goalie and we found that out last year and I think he is reiterating everything we knew and bringing his game to another level. He’s getting more confident, very dedicated to being the best goalie he can possibly be. He really gave us a chance to calm ourselves down and we did a good job in front of him after the first 10-12 minutes. Those first 12 minutes he gave us a chance to find our wits about us and he’s been playing very, very well.”
  • On the scoring throughout the lineup, “I really liked our four lines, McKegg line was really good, I really like Strome and Chytil and Kreider. Zibanejad’s line got better as it went on, they were forcing things early and fueling the other team’s offense but as the game went on they got more responsible and that is one of the things they are going to need to do and up and down the lineup we had four pretty good lines.”
  • On line continuity, “that is something we definitely want to do. You win 5-0, you like what you see tonight. We are in Vegas, if I was a betting man I’d say you are going to see the same four lines.”
  • On the effort, “The thing I loved more than anything was how we responded to a poor start. As the game went on it seemed like they were going to have chances off the rush and we did a great job coming back and stopping at the net front and clogging up the middle. We did a real good job in our own end the last two periods and if we can defend like that and manage the game in the offensive zone like that and with the goaltending we can get from Hank and Georgie, we are going to have a chance.”
  • Georgie in LA, “I’m going to enjoy this, I haven’t thought about who is playing net in LA.”