2019-20 Rangers

Henrik Lundqvist in net against the Ducks

Henrik Lundqvist will start in net today against the Ducks. (NYR)

David Quinn said the reason was “he’s had a good year and this two-week stretch has been circumstantial with the tweaking of his back and not being able to play the two games he was going to play, him getting in the LA game and us not having a great night. This isn’t a guy who hasn’t played well this year, obviously Georgie has been winning but we have two really good goalies and Hank has earned this opportunity.” (NYR)

Brendan Lemieux should return to the lineup after missing the game against San Jose with an upper body injury. (NYR)


Marc Staal will be a game-time decision after missing some time against the Sharks after blocking a shot in the ankle he recently had surgery on. (NYR)

If Marc Staal is unable to play, Brendan Smith will play on defense. (NYR)

Quinn said that the idea of putting Brett Howden or Filip Chytil on the wing has been discussed. (NYR)

On Howden and Chytil, Quinn said “with those two guys. We’ve been a little bit misled because they have had so much ice time early in their careers and you are talking about a 20 and 21-year old and if they are playing 5-6 minutes a night that could be an issue, but 12-15 isn’t. We all have to keep that in mind. Howden kills penalties, Fil is on the PP, they may not play top-two line minutes every night but there are going to be opportunities for them to play enough minutes and continue to help us win and develop. It’s a balancing act, we want them to develop but we want to win hockey games. We think we are in a position to compete for a playoff spot, that is our goal and they will help us do that but they have to continue to play well and play with the right intentions.” (NYR)