2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Nashville

Rangers coach David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Nashville and said (MSG, NYR Game Notes):

  • On the game, “I’m really proud of our guys, the way we competed, the energy we had and compete as hard as we did for 60 minutes says an awful lot. We just weren’t able to capitalize on our chances which was disappointing. The more we spent in their end, I thought maybe we sold out too much for offense. I think that when you sustain some offensive zone time you lose sight that you still have to play hockey and I thought that cost us.”
  • On the second period and the officiating, “During the course of a game every time gets frustrated with officiating, that is part of the game. You just have to keep playing, that is part of hockey and you need to push any distraction or adversity aside and keep playing hard and I thought we did a pretty good job of that.”
  • On the hit on Buchnevich, “it was a dangerous hit for sure and I’m sure the league will look at it. I think our guys were frustrated with the hit and that more wasn’t made of it but I’m sure the league will look at it and handle the situation appropriately.”
  • On dropping Kakko to start the game, “he and I talked before the game, he has had a little drought from an offensive perspective. He’s been playing with Bread and Strome for a while and he and I talked about the things he needs to do to be effective and stay in that top-six role. I thought people love to talk about the 18-19 year olds and when they get moved around a little bit it seems to be a much bigger deal than I think it is. He’s had an awful lot of ice time and opportunity and he will continue to get an awful lot of ice time and opportunity but this was a game where I thought he would have to earn those.”
  • Do you sense Kakko is getting tired, “I think some of that plays a role and for an 18-year old who isn’t used to playing a schedule of this magnitude against men in smaller rinks, that happens. He’s done a lot of good things this year and he knows we love him as a player and he’s been playing 18-minutes a night for the past few weeks and that is a heavy workload.”
  • Was Kakko not doing enough to stay in the top-six, “I think there is another level for him to get to and he’s had an opportunity to play with two really good players. What also comes into effect is the way other guys are playing too. Some other guys have earned those opportunities and when you make a decision like that it’s two-fold, focusing on Kakko and doing what he needs to do to be the player we know he is capable of being and also some guys may earn an opportunity to play in that role.”
  • On the line changes recently, “tonight, Lemieux gets the 10 minutes and that skews the lines a little bit and then the penalties. Tonight was probably more a by-product of how the game went, not what I was trying to do. The PP at the end and things of that end and offensive zone faceoffs I was putting Mika out there with Panarin and Strome, things like that. It wasn’t me being unhappy with the lines because I loved the way we were playing, it was more situational and trying to get the top guys out there more frequently as the game was getting down to the nitty gritty.”
  • Do you want line consistency, “yes, for sure and tonight was one of those nights but like I said, it all started changing when Lemieux got the 10-minute misconduct and we got down 3-1 and the third period you shorten the bench a little bit.”
  • On the PP and Kakko/Panarin switching sides, “you talk to these guys and you want them to give them some input for what they are comfortable doing and talking to those guys and evaluating the PP, that is something they wanted to do and were feel comfortable. It doesn’t mean we are not going to put them back on their off sides if it’s the right thing to do but team were really starting to over play Bread on that off side and taking him out of the picture so we thought we would change things up tonight.”
  • Did you like anything from the PP tonight, “0-4, no.”
  • On Kreider’s game, “very good, big night for Chris, thought he played really well.”