2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Toronto

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to Toronto and said:

  • On the third period, “a continuation of what we were doing in particualr the second period where our attention to detail against this team was poor. Things we haven’t been doing really, just really sloppy, not recognizing situations,turnovers, playing east/west moreso than we have been lately. In my mind one of our poor performances in a while.”
  • Can you take anything from the game, “Not right now, it’s just frustrating because you go into the third period, you don’t play great in the second, it’s 3-3 and you do a good job killing the penalty off and you give yourself an opportunity. We’ve been a good third period team this year and we certainly weren’t tonight. As I stand here in front of you it’s tough to like anything about our game tonight.”
  • Does the 4-3 goal snowball into the 5-3 goal, “the fifth goal was just a reflection of what we did all night long and we got lucky. We paid the fiddler for the 20th/30th time of the night, when you get a puck and just stop inside your blue line against that team you are just begging for trouble and that is what happened.”
  • What didn’t you look, “I didn’t love our intensity, there just wasn’t a lot of purpose to what we were doing in all three zones. Our turnovers really hurt us, the first two goals we score we get pucks behind them, establish our forecheck and score. We just didn’t do that enough tonight, if you are going to beat that team you better spend way more time in the offensive zone. Unfortunately we didn’t do it tonight.”
  • On Georgiev’s. game, “I didn’t love any part of our game tonight, he’s been really good for us. Probably a game he’d like to be better in but we didn’t do him any favors.”
  • On Buchnevich being a positive going forward, “like I said before, I think that once a guy gets one, a couple usually follow and I’m hoping that is the case for him.”
  • On it being 3 losses in a row, “I liked most of the game in Anaheim and how we played against Nashville. I didn’t like a lot about our game tonight. This league can be streaky and we don’t get a point in the last two games and all the sudden you are spiraling a bit. We have to be ready to play on Sunday afternoon.”