2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss in Philly

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss to Philly and said:

  • On the game, “there is a difference between playing well and winning and we need to do a better job of playing winning hockey. Even in the third we did a lot of good things and it’s 1-1 and we have great chances, good zone time and then we made it too easy for them. We sell out for offense too much and it’s killing us. Our PP…it’s really hurt us lately. Our PP had plenty of chances, you have a 5 on’s a time-wide problem, slowing the play down and not shooting pucks.”
  • On special teams, “Our PK was great, we get the shorthanded goal but you have a 5 on 3 and you have to score and we didn’t and had a chances but every time we get it we look to slow it down, make a pretty play and we are going to keep working on it because our PP has really been a problem lately.”
  • On the PP being mental or tactical, “probably both, we have to move some pieces around but our mentality, we get it, we hold it, stickhandle it, look for a pretty pass instead of just moving it around and playing hockey on the PP. It’s killing us right now, we did a lot of good things 5 on 5, put ourselves in a position to win, improved in a bunch of areas but you gotta win the special teams battle and score PP goal when you get 5-6 a night and we didn’t do it.”
  • More on the game, “I liked a lot of the things we did tonight. We played a good first, good second and I liked our third until we shot ourselves in the foot. It’s 2-1, we have good chances, Mika hits the post, we have some good chances and we gave them a third goal and that is when we got demoralized and reality set in.”
  • On going into the break with this loss, “It should hurt. Hopefully we can collect ourselves over these next three days and be ready to play on the 27th.