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Lias Andersson says his decisions are related to his health

1/9/20 | Darren Dreger spoke with Andersson’s agent and said that Andersson hasn’t been diagnosed with a mental health issue, doesn’t have anxiety or depression but is not happy with his situation with the Rangers.

1/7/20 | Lias Andersson spoke with SVT in Sweden about his situation with the Rangers and said that he has been suspended because of incidents he is not allowed to talk about.

In an interview with Rakapuckar, Andersson said “a lot of things have happened, incidents, not on the hockey level, more that have taken on a personal level.”


He added “many people think it’s a hockey decision I’ve made, but it’s for my health that I’ve made this decision.” (Aftonbladet)

Andersson said “It is not a promise that has broken, it is things that have happened only that have made me very uncomfortable and such things.- Unfortunately, I can not say anything, I have a gag from the agents. So I have to keep quiet.” (Expressen)

He said that he has spoken with Mika Zibanejad and that Zibanejad “is like my brother.” (Expressen)

He said that he was satisfied with his play with the Rangers and thought he would get the opportunity to be the second line center behind Zibanejad. (

Andersson called the situation with the Rangers “untenable” for him “as a person” and noted that he is currently dealing with a lower-body injury. (SVT)

He added that he wants to play hockey and hopes to find a solution where he can “play again soon.” (SVT)

Andersson reportedly asked the Rangers for a trade in late December but the Rangers intend to remain patient until they find the right deal.

Adam Rotter: This is all very cryptic and strange and while a break up is certainly in the best interest of everyone, the Rangers are not going to just give Andersson to someone to make this go away. I think ultimately the Rangers will package Andersson with something else to either move up in the draft or as part of a bigger deal.