2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over New Jersey

David Quinn met with the media following the win over the Devils and said: (NYR Game Notes)

  • On DeAngelo, “I think he has had a pretty special season in a lot of ways. He has a unique skillset, his vision is uncanny, he’s as good a passer as I’ve been around and he had it all going tonight. There are certain games when the puck finds its way into the back of the net, every play that you make ends up being a goal and he had that night tonight.”
  • On Shesterkin, “I thought he was really good when we needed him to be. Certainly not the continuation of what we saw for two games, but we are not going to go from where we were to where we all want us to be over night, that is for sure. We are going to take some steps back from a defensive standpoint, a mindset standpoint and that happened tonight but we were productive offensively and capitalized on our chances.”
  • On Ryan Lindgren, “day to day, lower body. Blocked a shot, so. It was early in the first and it got tight on him, day to day.”
  • On DeAngelo’s personality, “very likable guy, gets along well with all the guys in the room. A dynamic personality and fun guy to be around, has the personalty that is magnetic, he’s a strong personality in our room.”
  • On DeAngelo’s decision making, “throughout the season he’s been making better decisions on when to get involved offensively and when to not, when you do that you do get rewarded and the game will present opportunities for offense.”
  • On DeAngelo’s progress, “I can’t say enough good things about him in every aspect. Guys grow up and evolve and he has a great skill-set and one of the things that you see off the ice is that he’s growing up, more mature. He still has his great personality but he’s a true pro right now.”
  • Did you need to talk to him about growing up this year, “it wasn’t smooth sailing early. I thought early on he was good and we had a couple of conversations and things weren’t in a great spot and for the last two months he’s done a great job, he really has.”
  • Has net-front play been better, “I think our forwards are going there, Tony’s goal at the end of the 5-on-3, Kreider is doing a hell of a job screening and then Howden and McKegg are, we understand that we can’t just score highlight reel goals, there has to be a hardworking element as the Devils showed tonight. They do a great job of going to the net and showing an attitude and our guys are getting better in that area, it’s the reason why we were productive, we had a snarl.”
  • On the explanation of the Devils third goal, “it was a continuation, rule is that if there is a continuation when the net gets knocked off then it’s a goal. They went to the video and whatnot, it is what is.”
  • On Shesterkin, “When it hits him it sticks with him, when it hits him in the chest he really absorbs the puck well which is a big deal, especially against a team like the Devils who go to the net as hard as they do and looking for second chances. He does a heck of a job not giving up those rebounds that are hanging around the crease.”