Lias Andersson, Lias Andersson Trade Rumors

The Rangers are getting calls on Lias Andersson

1/22/20 | Davidson has been in contact with Andersson and the Rangers granted him permission to begin skating with a second division team in Sweden. (NY Post)

1/10/20 | 12:13PM: John Davidson tells Larry Brooks that the team has reached out to Andersson but that Andersson is preferring that communication go through his agent. (Brooks)

JD said that he isn’t aware of any incidents in Hartford and that the organization feels a responsibility to him. (Brooks)


10:58AM: Bob McKenzie said that the Rangers are getting calls on Lias Andersson and are prepared to trade him before the deadline if “they get the right prospect in return. They are less interested in a draft pick, more interest in a prospect and they can afford to be choosy.” (TSN)

The Rangers are believed to be searching for a “north/south” type of player for Andersson.

McKenzie added that “the second consideration is that they are a little concerned that it might send the wrong message if they make a quick trade of Lias Andersson, that message being if you are in our system and you pack up and quit and go home and we immediately gratify you with a trade to another organization and a fresh start, does that set a bad precedent for other players? They can afford to be choosy and they will be leading up to the deadline.” (TSN)

Darren Dreger said on TSN that Andersson is slated to have a “minor surgical procedure” on his foot. (TSN)

Dreger reiterated that both Andersson and his agent are confirming that he isn’t dealing with any mental health issues. (TSN)

Adam Rotter: My guess is that teams are calling about Andersson and trying to get him cheaply so that the Rangers can cut ties and move on. The Rangers won’t do that and don’t seem inclined to move him unless they get what they want in return. Some around the league believe that the Rangers will hold onto Andersson, try to rectify the situation and get him back to Hartford before the end of the season or bring him to camp. Whether that is true or that happens remains to be seen, but there is a belief that the Rangers are keeping an open mind and all of their options available.

I don’t expect Andersson to be traded by the deadline, at least in a 1-for-1, because I don’t think anyone will offer up much value or a prospect of similar stature. It’s why I believe Andersson will ultimately be moved at the draft, either in a hockey trade with multiple pieces, or in an attempt to move up in the first round.