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Rangers reportedly looking for forwards in potential Georgiev deal

1/17/19 | James Mirtle writes at The Athletic that the Leafs have made “multiple” inquiries on Georgiev and that the Rangers are interested in a “quality young player that can play now.”

Mirtle notes that the Leafs, at this time, don’t appear ready to meet that price. (The Athletic)

1/16/19 | Darren Dreger tweets that the Leafs have inquired on Georgiev but have not yet made an offer. He adds that the Rangers “need a lot” to move him.”


1/15/19 | Elliotte Friedman wrote at Sportsnet that it will cost more than forward Jeremy Bracco for the Leafs to acquire Georgiev.

1/13/19 | 8:30AM: On TSN, Darren Dreger said “when I checked on him on Friday, or on the goaltending of the Rangers, the message I got back from people that I trust there is that it’s way too early. They have three guys there but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are willing to part with any of them at this stage.” (TSN)

1/11/20 | 10:19PM: Elliotte Friedman said on Hockey Night in Canada that “the word is out now that the Rangers will at least listen” to potential trade offers for Alex  Georgiev.” (Sportsnet)

Friedman continued, “They have a lot of good defense prospects coming and they obviously don’t need goalies so teams are under the impression that it won’t be cheap, it will cost you and probably a forward that is either young and ready to play or close to it. They won’t listen to anything that won’t impress them beneath that.” (Sportsnet)

Adam Rotter: This makes sense and the Rangers are probably targeting a forward that can add more “jam” to their lineup. They were able to do that with Brendan Lemieux last year in the Kevin Hayes trade and a similar target, hopefully one that can be productive offensively, will add another dimension to the Rangers lineup. Who exactly that player is and from what team remains to be seen, but as the Rangers try to build out a roster to go forward with, those are the players they are looking to add.