2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after Saturday’s win over Detroit

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the win over Detroit on Saturday and said:

  • On the game, “a much better third period, obviously in the first two periods we were very sloppy, forcing plays and doing things you saw an awful lot of earlier in the season, things we have gotten away from. In the first period alone, a lot of their chances were coming off our offensive turnovers, we were forcing plays. Give them a lot of credit, they were quicker tonight, on edge. When you go back to back, it’s the NHL, there are good players over there and they competed hard and we knew it was going to be a difficult night for us, and it was. We got great goaltending from Hank, I liked our third period, we weren’t nearly as dumb as we were in the first two. We played a much better period and we won a 1-0 hockey game which I’m not sure anyone here thought we were capable of doing.”
  • On Lundqvist and the three goalie rotation, “I’d rather have three good ones than no good ones, we know what we have.”
  • What does it mean to win for Lundqvist, “we are all humans and it’s been quirky, he hasn’t played in five games, well three were against the Isles and Georgie happens to be a great matchup for it and if we hadn’t played the same team three times in a five-game stretch, he would have played, it’s a fact. He played tonight, I was very tempted to play him in the first game back but like I said, I had a choice to play a guy who was playing during the break and played two games and won or play a guy that has been on the beach for nine days. I almost made the decision to play the guy on the beach the first night but I held off and we played him tonight and he was outstanding.”
  • On Kreider, “day to day, upper body.”
  • Are you concerned about it, “no, as of right now, no.”
  • Is it a concussion, “no, it’s upper body, we don’t think it’s anything long-term. It’s surprising, when you look at it, it looked tough but he is already feeling a lot better.”
  • Were you surprised how sharp Lundqvist was, “I kind of had a feeling. He lobbied to play that first game, while he was on the beach drinking pina coladas, I knew he was dialed in and excited to play. We talked about it on Thursday, about the practicality of playing Igor because he had been playing and he understood it. He had a really good practice on Thursday and I was not, we were not surprised how well he played tonight.”
  • On Lemieux, “he did a good job, he brings a lot of similar things that Kreider does. Not as proven or the veteran presence that Kreids gives us, but a fast, physical game and I thought he did a good job.”
  • On the locker room feeling good for Hank, “I think everyone feels good for him. It’s been a tough go for all three goalies and he’s handled it incredibly well and as we’ve talked about, you play well you keep playing and he played really well tonight.”
  • On the reaction to Kreider’s injury, “I was more concerned for him and his health, it looked like a really severe blow to the head and I felt better when I saw him between periods, he wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought he was going to be and when the game ended we talked and it’s a lot better than I anticipated.”