Alex Georgiev, Henrik Lundqvist

Alex Georgiev in net to start the third period

10:16PM: David Quinn said on MSG:

  • On pulling Henrik, “just a feel, the mojo, more about giving us a boost because we really got flat after that third goal, just a feeling.”
  • On Henrik’s game, “on the fourth one the guy makes a hell of a shot, goes off the post and in. The third is a shot from the point, 60-footer, they do have traffic. The PP goals, the second one we make bad reads. We have the puck and fumble it, and kick it to the left D and try to go to the right D and we don’t make a stick to stick pass and it goes off the back wall and our forwards got over extended. I think we gave up 15-16 scoring chances, that number is what you want, in that vicinity, but the quality we gave up, too many Grade A’s that we can’t give up. A lot of them happened after we went down 3-2.”

9PM: Alex Georgiev is the Rangers goalie to start the third period against Dallas.

Henrik Lundqvist allowed four goals on 15 shots through the first two periods.