2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Dallas

David Quinn spoke with the media following the loss to Dallas and said (MSG, NYR Game Notes):

  • On the game, “I just thought we got deflated after we gave up the third goal, for some reason. I even thought that after 2-2, we got a chance early in the second, the puck hopped over Tony’s stick and they got a 2 on 1 break and then I thought we continued to do all the good things we were doing early on. It just really looked like we got deflated after that third goal, which, it’s one goal, you are still in the game. Then we got sloppy. It was a tale of two games for us, I really liked what we were doing up to that third goal and then we got away from all the things we had been doing and need to do if we want to have a chance, holding onto the puck too long, cheating, not being physical enough, you name it, we weren’t good in many areas after that third goal.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “upper-body injury and he was hemming and hawing. He is close, day to day.”
  • On pulling Henrik, “just a feel, the mojo, more about giving us a boost because we really got flat after that third goal, just a feeling.”
  • On Henrik’s game, “on the fourth one the guy makes a hell of a shot, goes off the post and in. The third is a shot from the point, 60-footer, they do have traffic. The PP goals, the second one we make bad reads. We have the puck and fumble it, and kick it to the left D and try to go to the right D and we don’t make a stick to stick pass and it goes off the back wall and our forwards got over extended. I think we gave up 15-16 scoring chances, that number is what you want, in that vicinity, but the quality we gave up, too many Grade A’s that we can’t give up. A lot of them happened after we went down 3-2.”
  • On 5 on 5, “I thought we had the advantage 5 on 5 until they got the third goal. You are standing there in the second period and looking to your left a lot and then they score and the whole game changed. We didn’t handle the third goal well and that is a really good hockey team, if we are going to have success – they have men, they are hard, have structure, don’t beat themselves and for the last 30 minutes we just weren’t up to the challenge.”
  • On the line juggling and moving Buchnevich, “I didn’t like his game at all.”
  • What didn’t you like about Buchnevich’s game, “I didn’t like a lot of his game, at all.”
  • On the challenge in the first period, “we thought it was 100% out and obviously we had an angle they didn’t see or there was a discrepancy. We thought  for sure it was getting called back but we were wrong.”