2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over LA

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers win over LA and said (MSG, NYR Game Notes):

  • On Igor Shesterkin, “more of what we have been seeing and what you have been writing about for four-years, or how long ago he was drafted and anticipation and all of those things. He holds it to 1-0 in a tight checking game. This league is all about matchups, I know that people look at records but this is the NHL, they have good players and they are out competing and they make it hard on your and they are well coached. They have good players and are big and strong and it’s a hard matchup for us and we managed the game a lot better than we did the last few nights, it was a good win for us.”
  • On the kids leading this win, “that is how we are made, really. When you have as many young players as you have, when you win they are going to contribute at some point and these guys did a good job. It was hard hockey out there, might not have been pretty hockey, but hard hockey.”
  • On Kakko scoring a goal, “he’ll smile more, he has a little Buchnevich in that regard (smile), I just like the fact that he is going to the net. The assist he got the other night he was around the net, he’s been around the net more, he gets a goal being around the net. He’s playing with more pace and confidence, much better defensively the last few games and he’s played well.”
  • On the three-goalie system right now, “the best guy is going to continue to play. Keeping people sharp is no longer a high priority of ours, it’s going to be winning hockey games and the guy that plays will keep playing.”
  • On Igor’s poise, “if you are going to be great you better know you are great and he knows he is great, for good reason. He has a track record that is pretty impressive at a high level. Thinking you are great isn’t ego, that is confidence and swagger and he has all of that.”
  • On managing the game, “we weren’t taking high-risk chances and giving up breakaways and partial breakways like we did against Buffalo. They are a hard team to defend, they are big and heavy but I thought we did a better job of not giving up crazy odd-man rushes, protecting the middle of the rink. I know they got 40+ shots, but in other games we give up 21 shots and four goals, we are way more concerned about the goals and we did a good job of that.”
  • On the Rangers best players tonight, “they did a good job, it’s a hard game for skill players because there isn’t a lot of room, they sit back, make it difficult through the neutral zone, so you need that level of patience and understanding of when you can use your skill and strike when you can instead of forcing the play and all our guys did a better job of that.”
  • On picking the players for the bottom-six, “not very, it’s pretty simple from our end of it, when the guys that are playing well, the guys have built up a bank account of good hockey and guys that have to work their way up. We didn’t really debate much about the 3rd and 4th line, we pretty much knew who it would and should be. I really liked Di Giuseppe, Chytil and Kakko, they played really well tonight.”
  • On the 4th line of McKegg, Lemieux and Howden, “they are playing well, so I’m very confident in them. I know we have all talked about how our fourth line hasn’t played a ton and maybe it’s because they aren’t having the nights we need them to have, whereas that line played pretty well and deserved the ice time they got. They set the tone for how we had to play to get pucks behind them and get to work in the offensive zone.”