Igor Shesterkin

Igor Shesterkin to start against Winnipeg

7:47PM: David Quinn spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • On Jacob Trouba, “he and I had a long conversation this morning. He’s a little bit frustrated with himself. The thing that I like about him is that he’s real honest about his evaluation and I think that sometimes we may lose sight of the pressure that players put on themselves. I thought he was going through a really good stretch but as can happen during the course of an 82-game season, you have peaks and valleys and I thought we had a really good conversation. He did a lot of the talking today about how he is feeling and the things he needs to get better at. Too often a player of his magnitude can try to do too much, and I’m not just talking offensively but in general, and I think he feels better about his game today than he has.”
  • What does he need to do better, “he can overthink things. Mistakes are gonna happen. I think he takes mistakes too heart and then he goes out and tries to do a little bit more to compensate for a mistake that has been made. As we all know, no one has played a mistake free hockey game other than a goalie with a shutout, I think he is embracing that mindset and I’m looking forward to watching him tomorrow night, I think he’s going to have a good night.”
  • How does Trouba fit in, is he comfortable, “without question and over the last 7-8 months you can see his comfort level, his trust factor and all of those things. I think he is feeling a lot better playing for a new team, organization and new city.”
  • Does he lead by example, “he does play with an edge so I think that guys automatically respect him for it. I think there is that leadership element from how he approaches the game.”
  • Would you call Igor the number one goalie, “the guy that plays is the number one, so he’s the number one goalie tomorrow night. (smile) He’s the number one goalie tomorrow night.”
  • On Shesterkin’s personality, “I just think the swagger he has is so necessary for that position. He’s really good and he knows he is really good but it’s not in an arrogant way. Those guys are special. So far, if you look at his career, I think he has lost 17 games out of a hundred something, it’s a crazy number, and he’s done it at every level. It’s just who he is, at his age, he’s a winner.”
  • How does Igor’s puck handling impact things, “Big time. Watching the playoffs last year, I think one of the reasons why St. Louis won the Stanley Cup was because of how their goalie handled the puck. The way that people forecheck in this day and age, if you have a goalie that can handle the puck like that, it makes a big difference. One of the things about him, I think he will get better at the practical side of handling the puck. He can do something that everybody oohs and ahhs when he makes a pass to the far blue line, but the goalie/d exchanges are a bigger part of handling the puck than the oohing and ahhing. The subtle puck movement that joe fan doesn’t recognize.”

1:37PM: Igor Shesterkin will make his second straight start on Tuesday when the Rangers are in Winnipeg to play the Jets. (NYR)

Shesterkin has played two straight games once this season. Right after he was called up he beat Colorado and New Jersey, stopping 75 of 81 shots.