2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Minnesota

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers win over Minnesota and said (MSG):

  • On the game, “there sure was no quit in us tonight. Frustrating game for a lot of reasons, they do a great job defending, they defend the middle of the rink really well and we stuck to it. We never quit and we’ve been talking about the belief we have in each other continues to grow throughout the season and that was never more evident than it was tonight.”
  • Did something change in the third period, “no, I thought we did shoot a few more pucks and tried to get inside more. That was the problem the first two periods, we were too perimeter which we can do, we can really hold on and not shoot pucks unless we think we are going to score a goal. The second goal we put a puck toward the net and it goes off a skate and in. We have to do that more often, especially against teams like this that are well coached and have big bodies and defend well.”
  • On the decision to challenge the Wild’s original second goal for interference, “there was a lot of discussion, we nudged him a little bit but he was already in the crease. Originally I wasn’t and the more I watched it I said that it had to be goalie interference and we ended up winning the challenge.”
  • Did you think Panarin’s shootout goal would count, “I did, I wasn’t 100% sure but I thought it was going to count but there was certainly reason to believe that it might not so I understand why they looked at it.”
  • On things remaining calm on the bench in the third, “We all felt it, it goes back to what I touched on earlier, there is a belief in each other, a belief in our team and these guys enjoy playing with each other and for each other and I don’t think there is ever a doubt in their mind that we have the ability to come back. I always point to that Montreal game where we came back from 4-love. We can reflect on that in situations like this but I also think that that game brought us closer together and created the feeling we have right now.”
  • Did you consider challenging what was their second goal, “I looked at it but I didn’t think it was going to be reversed.”
  • On Marc Staal and the flu, “it got worse and worse as the day went on. We miss him. Since I’ve been here he’s been playing very good hockey and we don’t have guys that do what he does consistently with his size and physicality. His puck movement has been really good and he’s been really good for us and we missed him tonight. But Smitty did a good job, I really liked Smitty’s game and I was happy for him and he did a good job for us.”
  • On stringing wins together, “it’s huge, we understand the situation we are in and will take it game by game and enjoy this until we get on the plane and then we obviously have a huge game tomorrow night.”
  • On Georgiev, “the breakaway he made on, Donato I think it was, huge save and gives us a chance. The game is over if they score there. They did a good job throwing pucks on net, they got a couple of tips and just a gutsy effort by Georgie.”