Chris Kreider Trade Rumors

Chris Kreider updates on Monday (Updating)

11:14AM: Darren Dreger tweets that the expectation is that Kreider will sign an extension with the Rangers.

9:30AM: Kevin Weekes said on the NHL Network “they are trying to find some common ground on being able to get to a place called fair but as time continues on that becomes less and less likely…he is the type of player you miss when he’s not in your lineup, a different dimension….I think he’s a quintessential Ranger, this would be a tough move. If we look at the landscape, the best potential fit for him would be one of two teams: St. Louis and Boston.”

Brian Lawton then suggested Colorado.


8:15AM: On Sportsnet, Elliotte Friedman said “As it stands this morning, it doesn’t look at this point in time that he will sign with the New York Rangers. He is available. One of the reports out there is that the issue is term, the Rangers don’t want to go farther than six, Kreider wants seven. We will see if they can bridge it, or if they go in a different direction.”

On TSN, Darren Dreger said “over the course of the weekend there was a lot of back and forth between the agent that represents Chris Kreider, Matt Keator, and Jeff Gorton. Our information as of yesterday was that they weren’t able to close the gap but you still have to allow for the possibilty that the palyer and agent reconsider and they try to get something done in the hours ahead. What we know is that Kreider loves playing for the Rangers and he has been an excellent fit there for a number of years but there has to be a breaking point and that is within hours. If the Rangers do trade Kreider there is no shortage of interest there, at least 4-5 teams. They have a first-round pick on the table as part of a package and it will be that usual package, the first round pick, prospect and maybe something else. It could be up to Kreider to step in and say ‘here is what I’m willing to stay for.”