2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Dallas

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the win over Dallas and said:

  • On the game, “they get the PP at the end of the second which was disappointing and they capitalize on it but I really felt we did a really good job up until the second goal, I thought we really managed the game well, stayed above the play. They get the second one and really thrive off it, the ebbs and flows and momentum of a game. Then we get a penalty and do a great job killing it, I really liked how we handled the 6-on-5. At the end of the day it’s all about two points and we got the two points.”
  • On Shesterkin, “he played really well tonight, made the saves he needed to make. I liked our goaltending, defensemen and forwards tonight.”
  • On limiting Dallas, “we really managed the puck well, our puck play was really good. We were on top of them, took away time and space, just had everybody going. It was a true team effort.”
  • Where was the ‘want’ level, “it was high tonight and we were confident as a staff that we were going to come out and play the way we are capable of playing. Whether that was going to be good enough to win against a really good team, you are going to find that out. When the game ends you want to give yourself a chance to win every night and we gave ourselves a chance to win tonight. Even at 4-0 we did a lot of good things and Bishop made some saves to keep it 4-0 and our guy made some big saves too.”
  • On Zibanejad getting 40 goals, “he’s not finished and it’s so much fun to watch a player grow. He continues to grow day in and out. We’ve talked about him a lot, I actually told him after his five-goal game the next day, ‘I’m really tired of talking about you’ but if he keeps scoring I’ll talk about him until I’m blue in the face. We are so fortunate to have Bread and him, not only be the players they are but the people they are. It’s so important for your organization when you have two superstars like that that are great people and that is what they are. These are guys that if they were getting no points you’d want to be around. It means so much to our organization.”
  • On what this might mean for Kakko, “it’s huge for him. He’s a kid that has always gauged himself by points, as most 18-year olds do and guys drafted as high as he does do. We want him to score, as we’ve told him repeatedly, this isn’t about us trying to make him play defense at the expense of playing offense. It’s nice to see him…it’s a heck of a play by Howden on the first one and great play by Fox and Mika on the second one. He was in the right place, I liked his game, he had a really good game game.”
  • On Kakko moving from the 4th line to 3rd line, “It literally happened at 6PM-6:30 after we had all of our meetings. I was just sitting there and looking at all of our lines. I can’t give you a good reason why we switched him, but I just thought ‘we are going to put him back with Howden and Chytil and Gauthier with Lemieux and McKegg. I just like the look of our lineup that way.”
  • Did it give him a lift, “maybe.”
  • On Chytil, “lower-body, day to day. Probably have to call someone up.”