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What Ryan Strome said on the radio about the Rangers

Ryan Strome was on TSN 1050 this afternoon and said:

  • On his “new normal” right now, “I try to wake up at a normal hour, luckily enough where I’m staying we have a gym in the house so able to work out, and find things to do in the morning. Usually find my way over to Netflix or some video games in the afternoon and rinse and repeat the next day. Kind of getting a little stale but you’ve gotta do what you gotta do. Obviously it’s for the health and safety of everyone, this is our new normal.”
  • Are there any teammates who could come out of this 20 pounds heavier,  (laughing) “there are definitely a few guys…there are a couple of guys who could go definitely rouge at a time like this. We had a call today from our trainer, checking in just to making his rounds to make sure sure his voice is heard, so I’m sure guys are staying busy. This day and age now, most guys are staying in decent shape. It’s tough to go this far off the rails in a couple of weeks but there are always one or two guys for sure.”
  • Is there anyone who could come out of this in better shape, “There are a few guys, Chris Kreider is a pretty physical specimen so he’d probably be in pretty good shape. He was nursing a broken foot so this, if we do come back and play, it will be nice for him to be back. I’d imagine he will come in chiseled as ever and be flying and we will all be sucking wind out there. Guys like him are who I’d tend to gravitate to.”
  • On the season overall/so far and going to another level, “I think so, but the biggest challenge for us is going to be when there is a little bit of expectation on us next year. It’s kind of easy to be that team that doesn’t have any pressure and there has been a letter to the fans and we had a group of guys all looking to prove themselves but it’s going to be how we take that next step. That has kind of been the tough part, there are 30 other teams in the league all trying to do the same thing. It’s about adding a little bit of pressure next year, or whenever we get back playing, and trying to grow from there. We have done a really good job so far. The emergence of some of the young guys and obviously you mention Mika and Panarin. Zibanejad, in my opinion, maybe the most underrated player in the league now. What he did the last 30 games with us, all year really has been unbelievable. And then you have a guy like Bread Man who has the puck on his stick all game and then we we have a bit of a weird three-goalie rotation but three capable goalies and some young D. It’s a pretty good mix, we have a lot of fun and we can kind of ramp it up and score with the teams that can score and it’s been fund to have a real exciting season, I think Ranger fans have been pleasantly surprised.”
  • Are you in contact with your teammates, “There are certainly a couple of guys that carry on the group chat more than others, probably me being one of those guys being bored. Between the team group chat and the NHLPA calls keeping everyone informed, the Rangers have been really good about doing a check in every day, they have a select group of players for each trainer to check in with to see how everyone is doing.”
  • On being an RFA this summer with so much uncertainty, “I”m one of the PA reps here so I’ve been pretty involved with the business side or I try to be as much as I can. I think it’s good to be informed and to know what is going on. Not only that, it keeps me busy and gives me something to think about but so much is out of our control. As players and athletes we know that we have a schedule our whole lives, a consistent schedule or where we’re going to be, when we’re going to be there and now we don’t even know when we are going to play, if there is going to be a training camp or what is going to happen. It’s weird to be in limbo like this, not really sure what is going to happen but we do the best we can, we have a good support system, the Rangers have been great, the NHLPA has provided any help that anyone needs, they have been hands on which is great.”
  • On that game in Edmonton on 12/31, “that was nuts, we had been playing some pretty good hockey and we came out and…the refs weren’t on our side that night and McDavid and Leon and those guys on the PP were snapping it around everywhere we couldn’t get anything going and then the tables turned and we kind of found a little jam. From a team perspective and personal perspective, that is kind of the most frustrating thing about this, our team had a little bit of something special going, we were finding ways to win games that we had no business being part of, we were having late game comebacks and OT heroics, it felt like we had something special going on and in today’s NHL all you have to do is make the playoffs and anything that can happen, that is what we were all looking forward to. It’s games like that that stick out in our mind, even our last game we played we ended up losing in OT but we ended up tying it with like 10 seconds left against Colorado and it seemed like we were never out of a game. When a team has that feeling, anything can happen and we had that going this year. That side of it is a little disappointing but hopefully we can learn from that moving forward and keep growing as a group.”
  • He is due to have a baby girl in May.