2020 Draft NHL Draft Lottery

The options for the Rangers pick tonight

The Second Phase of the NHL’s Draft Lottery is tonight at 6PM and the Rangers will either be awarded the #1 overall pick, #10 or #11.

  • They can get the #1 pick by winning the draft lottery. Each team that lost in the qualifying round has an equal 12.5% chance at #1.
  • They can pick #10 if either Minnesota OR Winnipeg, who are below them in the standings, win the lottery. If either of those two teams win, they would jump to #1 and everyone else would move up a slot.
  • They would pick #11 if any of the teams above the Rangers, that lost in the qualifying round (Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Florida, Nashville, Toronto), win the lottery.

The losses in the qualifying round by Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Nashville allowed the Rangers to move up from what would have been the 14th pick.

The Rangers also own Carolina’s first round pick but that selection won’t be determined until Carolina’s season ends.


The Rangers are slated to have two picks in the first round, two in the third round, one in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds, and three in the seventh round.

The Rangers second round pick was sent to Carolina earlier this season to complete the Adam Fox trade.