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Rangers and Ryan Strome file salary arbitration briefs

11:04AM: Ryan Strome’s arbitration hearing is scheduled for Thursday and each side has filed their salary arbitration briefs (Friedman):

  • Strome: $5.7 million
  • Rangers: $3.6 million

Strome, 27, is coming off a two-year deal that he signed with Edmonton that had a cap hit of $3.1 million.

The Rangers did not send Strome his qualifying offer of $3.2 million until shortly before the deadline.


If Strome’s arbitration award is greater than $4,538,958, the Rangers can walk away from the award and Strome would become a UFA.

As part of the NHL’s Return To Play MOU, Strome would have four days, following the Rangers walking away, to decide if he wants to remain with the Rangers and sign for the ___ that they submitted to the arbitrator.

“For 2020, in the event a Club exercises their Walk-Away Right (pursuant to Section 12.10 of the CBA) relating to a one-year Salary Arbitration award, the Player may within four (4) days of receipt of notice from the Club that they are exercising their Walk-Away Right, elect to enter into an SPC with the Club on the same terms as the Club had offered in the Club’s Salary Arbitration Brief.”

The Rangers have not had an arbitration hearing since walking away from Nikolai Zherdev’s award in 2009.

Strome is slated to be a UFA following the 2020-21 season.

Since joining the Rangers, Strome has 36 goals and 56 assists in 133 games. He had two assists in the Rangers three-game sweep by Carolina.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers went with the lowest of low ends for this and Strome went with close to the highest of high end numbers for someone of his production and experience. The mid-point of the two is $4.6 million, which is just a tick above the walk-away number.

The arbitrator is very likely going to come in at around the mid-point and walk-away number and with that being the case, it seems reasonable to expect the two sides to avoid arbitration and come to terms on a one or two-year deal at around $4.5 million. Two-years would give Strome the security of having a contract for 2021-22 but would also leave him exposed for Seattle in the expansion draft. There is also the question of whether Strome can get a better contract than between $3.6 million and $4.538 million as a UFA if the award allows the Rangers to walk-away. Teams always need centers, the Rangers included, but the market is frozen with uncertainty about when the season will start and the fact that plenty of teams are out of cap space, still in need of moving players out or keeping cap space to sign their own RFAs. Strome’s best contract will likely come from the Rangers, unless a team like LA or the Devils decide to go after him.