2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said about Kakko, Barron and being more physical

David Quinn met with the media on Tuesday and said (NYR):

  • Update on Mika, Richards, Kinkaid, “still day to day with these guys, not sure when we are going to have them. They are all close, so hopefully sooner than later.”
  • Thoughts on the scrimmage, “I thought the scrimmage was better today, better pace to it, didn’t think it was as sloppy as it was yesterday and that is probably natural, you hope that is the progression you make throughout these scrimmages. As we start getting more into the teachings of the structure and systems and things of that nature, these scrimmages hopefully start to go in that direction and look cleaner.”

  • On Kakko with Strome and Panarin, “I like the progression, I think they are making strides, they create some offense. He’s just got to learn how to play off those two guys, if he does that and continues to go in that direction, that line can be very effective line for us. He understands the role he is going to have to play on that line with those two players, that being said, we have also talked with Bread and Strome about the chemistry with that line and what it’s going to take for them to have success. It’s not just one guy, it’s all three of those guys understanding what their roles are on that line and what they have to do to have success.”
  • Is Shesterkin the #1 goalie, “in this season, and every team in the league is going to have to rely on their two goalies, we are fortunate because we feel like we have two #1 goalies and I’m not just saying that. Georgie has had a good career so far, he’s ready to make the next step. Shesty, in a small sample, has certainly proven he can be a really good goalie at this level. We feel we have great goaltending depth and both of these guys are going to be contributors and we are certainly going to lean on both of them during the course of the season.”
  • On being more physical, “Everybody is born with different levels of physicality and intensity, it’s just peoples DNA and we need everybody to be as physical as they possibly can within the realm of the game. There are different ways to be physical. If you are 5’10 and 180 lbs you have to be physical in a different way than someone who is 6-4, 220. Our whole team has to have more of a physical, in-your-face mentality and that doesn’t mean fighting or running people through the glass, it means staying on top of people, taking away time and space and being physical in your own way. We don’t just need two guys to do it, we need everybody.”
  • On Kakko, defense and that line, “It’s a conversation that I had with both Bread and Strome in the bubble when Quickie got hurt in the first shift, of the first game. I brought them in and said ‘if you can pick one forward that can play with you, who would it be?’ They both looked at each other and were rattling off characteristics of a player they were looking for and said, ‘that is all good and dandy, but we need you two to do more of that as well, it can’t just be one guy’ and I think that is what has to happen this season, regardless of who is playing with them, and right now it’s Kakko, and he and I have talked about what he is going to have to do, we need it from everybody. We need more of an in-your-face, staying on top of people, defensive conscious approach to having success, it can’t just be one guy on a line. I don’t think those guys have to sacrifice offense to do that, they will be just as productive offensively if they take that approach. I’m certainly anticipating that is how they are going to approach it.”
  • On high expectations for Igor Shesterkin’s, “Based on what he has done, yes, but it’s a small sample. We also have to keep in mind that he isn’t a 22-year old kid who came out of college or junior hockey, he has a pro background where he has had an awful lot of success. Everybody wants to talk about Shesty, but Georgie has had a good career so far for a young goalie. Last year was a difficult year for everybody, but Georgie in particular probably more so than anybody, just the way the whole thing evolved. Obviously it was tough on Hank, we all know that, but for a young goalie who has had some success, to be put in that situation, it wasn’t easy.”
  • Are you confident you have a team that can play ‘in-your-face,’ “I do and it’s just skating more, it’s having an urgency to not let somebody skate by you. I know that it sounds so simplistic, but regardless of your structure, if you have a mentality that ‘I’m not going to let someone skate by me,’ that is a pretty good system. Regardless of what your system is, forecheck in the offensive or neutral zone or getting to people in the D-Zone, you can’t let people skate by you. It’s a little bit more of a football mentality. In football, every yard, every inch matters and I think that in hockey sometimes, people say ‘I’m close to this guy, I’ll let someone else do it’ and we have to get out of that mentality. We have to get out of that mentality to make the next step as an organization.”
  • On Morgan Barron, “Not having Mika gives a few guys an opportunity to give a different look, but Morgan is a big kid who can skate. I’m familiar with him from the college game, coaching against him and when you stand on the opposing bench you are usually consumed with your own team and the only guys you recognize on the other team are the guys who are really good and I certainly took note of him when we were playing Cornell, when I was at BU and realized that this kid had a future in pro hockey. For a guy who is that size and can skate and is an honest player, and some skill to compliment that, he has a chance to be a good player for us. When that is, who knows? We will find out, but I’ve certainly like what I’ve seen so far.”

Morgan Barron centered Chris Kreider and Pavel Buchnevich during the scrimmage, switching spots with Brett Howden from yesterday.