2020-21 Rangers

Alex Georgiev in net against the Penguins

3:16PM: David Quinn spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  • On the PP, “I think both units give you a different look, our chances were really good, I think we had eight chances on our PP, so the looks were good. We didn’t see much of the second unit, which will change tonight, that is for sure. I don’t mind that unit staying out there if they are going to be in the zone the whole time, but changing quicker is going to be addressed. The last PP they were in the zone the whole time, so I don’t want them to change when we are getting chance after chance. It’s a small sample size, but we think both units, we needed to shake things up with how the PP was rolling. We think the looks with both units will give us success on the PP.”

  • On why Georgiev in net, “Our goaltending, we have two really good ones. The circumstances have changed here since last year, without having Hank here, for the short-term we will go every other day with these guys and see how it goes, regardless of how they play and give them a little clearer picture and comfort and schedule and who is going to play, I don’t know how long we are going to do it, but that is the approach in the short-term.”
  • On Kakko’s ice time, “It’s funny you say that, because when the game ended I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if I played Kakko enough.” and I looked at the sheet and I didn’t. I talked to him today about it, it wasn’t my intention, every now and then it can happen. He’s been playing and he’s going to continue playing, it’s just the way the game flows. The penalty situations, the timing of things. I thought Blackwell was having a good night, Lafreniere was having a good night, it wasn’t what he wasn’t doing, because he continues to move in the right direction, but I didn’t like that he only played 10 minutes for the most part and that…won’t happen again unless something drastic happens. It wasn’t the plan or on purpose, just how the game unfolded and sometimes that can happen. He’s played a lot of hockey and I don’t want everyone to overreact to one game, if it happens 2-3 games in a row then I get it, it just happened to be the way the game evolved.”

11:30AM: Alex Georgiev will start in net for the Rangers tonight against the Penguins. (NYR)


The rest of the Rangers lineup will be the same as it was on Thursday against Buffalo. (Stephenson)