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What David Quinn said after the win over Buffalo

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the Rangers OT win over Buffalo and said:

  • How happy are you for Alexis, “Everyone talks about his world class talent, but this guy is a ballsy kid, I don’t care if he is the first pick or 271st pick, he’s a ballsy kid, a kid you want to be around. He’s had a lot of fun with the fact that he’s been snake-bit, he probably should have had four goals tonight. For him to get his first goal in that moment, that situation, under those circumstances, I couldn’t be happier for him. His game is coming, he’s playing better and better each night and it’s great to see, it really is.”

  1. On Buffalo tying it in the third, “I’m just thinking we gotta keep doing what we are doing. I thought we had a really good game, kept coming, didn’t get phased by the moment. They got a hell of a PP, make a great play on the goal. You just gotta keep playing, can’t let it deter you from continuing to move forward. I thought we did, we shook it off, had some great chances on our PP after that. Our PP will get going, it looked better tonight, we had some great chances. It’s a long season, even though it’s an abbreviated season, there is still a lot of hockey games to be played and we will get the PP going.”
  2. Why were you so sure the team would respond tonight, “just the feel. Over the last 36 hours there have been a lot of discussions, not only with the coaching staff, but these guys took hold of the situation, our leadership group, our captains did a great job after that loss the other night and took the responsibility to make sure this didn’t happen again. You certainly felt it in the locker room before, you felt it during the first. We weren’t going to lose this game.”
  3. How does it feel to win this game, “It feels pretty freakin good. We needed this. We had done a lot of good things and I look at the standings and see our point total and shaking my head, I know what we are capable of doing, these players know what we are capable of doing and it was frustrating because we felt we had played some good hockey in the four games on this trip and to come out of this trip with three points, we felt like we played better, deserved a few more points, but that being said, the way we responded under these circumstances says an awful lot about this group. There are a lot of things you learn about your team as the season moves forward and we learned an awful lot about our team over the last 24-hours.”
  4. What is next for Lafreniere, “Well we’ve all seen it, when a guy is a goal scorer with the talent he has, has trouble scoring, when that first one goes in, they usually come in bunches. We are all hoping for that for him, for our team and certainly anticipating that. If he wasn’t getting chances, I think we’d all be a little worried, but he was getting chances and eventually they were going to go in.”
  5. On Lafreniere and his teammates, “He’s a ballsy kid, likable kid. I don’t care where you get drafted, he’s got great talent, but he’s a great kid and our guys were so happy for him. He’s joking around with Kreider after he missed in the third period, he had that backdoor play when their goalie made a hell of a save. He came back to the bench shaking his head, but he was laughing about it. He never got frustrated, he knew that eventually he was going to score a goal and get rewarded for doing the things he’s doing and that is what happened. Our team is so happy that he got his first and more that he got it under these circumstances.”
  6. On Colin Blackwell, “We’ve got four goals in the two previous games and he was the guy who created two of them. He had a good night tonight. You have to let the eye-test determine who plays hockey, not where they were drafted, their resume. We needed a win tonight, this kid deserved to be out there, that is why he was out here. He has seven points in his last seven NHL games. What can happen in this game is we get so caught up in where people are drafted and the hype about people, but I don’t give two craps about that right now, we want to win hockey games and he was the best option, and how’d it work out?