2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Boston

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers loss to Boston and said (NHL Media):

  • Did you like the effort, “I didn’t like our second period, obviously, I thought we got away from what we were doing in the first and early in the third we were maybe not up to the speed that we needed to be and then after they got the goal we started doing the things we need to do. Bitetto does a great job in his fight and we get a big goal and thought we did a good job after that, I thought our PP was really good when we got one late in the third, had some great chances, just couldn’t buy one, but there is a lot of good things we can draw from, but obviously things we can get better at.”

  • What happened with Panarin, “he’s got a little bit over a lower body injury and we will assess it after. We thought he could get out there on the PP, it was something we decided to try, if it wasn’t going to work we were going to pull him off early, but that was our best thought we had in a while. Tuuka played really well tonight, made some big saves, as did our guy, especially in the second, gave us a chance.”
  • On Georgiev, “I thought he was really good laterally, reading plays, square to the puck. Second period, we were fortunate to get out of there 1-1. He was huge on the penalty kill in the second period, they had some Grade A bell-ringers that he made some great side to side saves on. If you are going to kill penalties against that team, your goalie better be pretty good and he certainly was good then.”
  • Does it get frustrating when they go East/West and not North/South, “yea, it gets frustrating and we are getting better at. It’s something we have to keep ingraining in people, it’s in their hockey DNA, East/West stuff and it’s something that can be very frustrating. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and we have to be more selective when we try those plays.”
  • On Zibanejad’s game, “well, tonight for sure, it was the guy we saw last year in a lot of ways. He did a great job defensively, he was on the puck, great scoring chances, he had a swagger and by far the best game he had all year and I think he feels pretty good right now.”
  • What did Boston think happened on the Rooney goal, “they thought it was a high stick.”
  • On goals from the fourth line, “they’ve been playing well, I should have played them more. I looked at the minutes and was kind of pissed at myself for not playing them more, so shame on me, but they did a lot of good things. When you are matching lines that can affect everybody’s ice time to a certain degree, but they did a lot of good things tonight and Julien is really coming on, I think he’s gotten better and better in these three games.”