2020-21 Rangers

Keith Kinkaid in net, Phil Di Giuseppe back in and David Quinn returns

12:15PM: David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • How have the last 10-12 days been, “I feel good physically, didn’t get hit too bad by it. Obviously, climbing the walls not being able to get out of the house or go to work. Kris did a hell of a job with our team, our team played well and it made it a lot easier.”

  • Did you learn anything about the team while away, “I think that when you step away from a situation you do get a little bit of a different perspective. I actually talked to Pete DeBoer, he went through it a little bit when he got diagnosed and missed a couple of games, not six, he missed a couple of games and thought it was very beneficial. Me being away from the team was a little longer than his, so mine was probably more painful, but you see things a little bit differently, you give yourself a chance to do some self evaluation and I think it was a good opportunity for me to reset and watch things from a different light.”
  • On your interactions with Kris, “Kris did a heck of a job and I know he was kind of downplaying his role through the whole situation, he and I talked a lot, the good news for all of us is that we play the same way in Hartford that we do here and it was an easy transition and we are very fortunate that we have a coach like him in Hartford to step in and do what he did, he has been on an NHL bench before, him and Gord Murphy, we are very fortunate to have them in Hartford to be able to step in. Every coach has different strengths and weaknesses and I think he continued to do the things that we were doing and he probably added a bit too, I know he added a bit of his touch to the situation, but he and I talked quite a bit about lineups, practice plans and things like that. We tried to keep things as normal as possible for the players, it really worked out.”
  • Any new message to the team about Covid, “Yea, you can never drop your guard with Covid. I think our organization has done a good job doing everything we can to stay safe and not put people in harms way, but it’s inevitable, well not inevitable, you can do everything right and still get it. We are going to continue to follow the protocol and do everything we can to create a safe environment for everyone around here, not just our players, but our staff as well. It’s just something we have to manage and deal with.”
  • On the Brendan Lemieux trade, “It was a logjam, obviously with Kravtsov here and Howden getting healthy, some guys doing well in Hartford, it seemed like the right thing to do and it’s gonna give Pepe to play in a little bit more of a role that he is looking for. He was a good player for us and we are going to miss him.”
  • On the group stepping up through adversity, “This group has really done a great job handling adversity all year, from the Tony DeAngelo situation to the Panarin situation and every team is going through the Covid situation, but not many have gone through losing their coaching staff, I’m sure some of them were happy to a certain degree, but this group has been pretty focused and we all kind of feel that the second Bruins game where we won 4-0 and really held them to three scoring chances that night, it started to feel like things were going in the right direction. The next game we ended up playing Philly and losing in OT and that was the day that Buchnevich and Fox were put in protocol and we thought we played well in that game too, we thought we had a chance to win that game without those two guys and should have won that game, we felt. Then we went on a tear beating Philly the way we did and beating Washington and beating Buffalo. There is a good feel here and our top players are playing really well, Shesty’s playing really well and our goalies have been good. We obviously have a tall task today.”
  • On how he watched the games while out, “First, I watched them on my couch. It’s hard, torture in a lot of ways, when you are scoring nine goals one night and eight another it certainly takes the edge off a little bit, that made it a little bit easier. You are watching the things that we’ve been trying to do all year and the things Kris is asking these guys to do, the way we’ve been playing defensively and obviously our top players offensively have really elevated their game. It was good to see and obviously we put ourselves in a position where we have to combine our good defensive play with being productive offensively.”
  • On Vitali Kravtsov, “I literally just said hi to him this morning, for the first time. We have so much going on here, we haven’t talked in depth about what the plan is, the plan is obviously for him to continue to practice an when we feel he can, we’ll get him in there.”
  • On Covid and his prior medical history, “I was told I was gonna be okay, it wasn’t gonna be anything that was gonna create more of an issue for me, but any time you get Covid, the way things have gone, you are always a little worried, but I never really got sick at all, I was very fortunate to have a mild reaction to it.”

10:23AM: Keith Kinkaid will start for the Rangers today against Washington with Igor Shesterkin backing up. (Brooks)


Phil Di Giuseppe will come into the lineup and take the spot of Brendan Lemiuex, who was traded last night. (Brooks)

David Quinn will return to the Rangers bench with Jacques Martin and Kris Knoblauch. Assistant coach David Oliver remains in Covid protocol. (Stephenson)