2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Washington

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Washington and said (MSG):

  • On how the team responded, “I was impressed with the first after such a tough start for us and getting down 2-0 and playing the way we were and to gain a little momentum in the first period to kind of stop the bleeding, Fil gets a big goal which kind of gave us a little bit of hope when it didn’t look like we had a lot when the game started and just building on it, even in the second we were doing a lot of good things. That PP in the second where Shesty came up big was really key, because I thought were doing some good things, weren’t generating a lot offensively, we need to continue to have a shooting mentality, it’s really killing us against teams like that, and everybody in general, we gotta get more pucks to the net, but I thought that the third period, down 2-1 and to come out the way we did and get more pucks to the net and play with the tenacity that we did and mental toughness that we did certainly is a great sign for us.”

  • Do you have a theory on why you give the Caps trouble, “No, I don’t have a theory on why that happens. We seem to, when we play the really good teams, I think that there is an awful lot of respect for that team, they have a lot of talent, well-coached and we know that if we are not on our “A” game that it could get ugly and for some reason, we continue to play well against them, our goalie was big tonight, let’s not overlook that, but I thought that as the game went on we got better and better.”
  • On Shesterkin, “Just how calm he is and how controlled he is, how much confidence he has, how much confidence our team has in him certainly gives you a little bit of a leg up. At this level, any level, you need good goaltending, I don’t care what type of team you have, you need good goaltending and we certainly got more than good goaltending tonight.”
  • How do you play like you do in the third for the full game, “That is a great question, it’s funny because early on in the season we weren’t having that type of success in the third period, so the tables have turned just a little bit. We have to do a little bit better job of being ready when the puck drops, the last two games that haven’t been the case, we have to be a little bit ready to go for sixty minutes. I think our guys realize that, but listen, it’s a 60-minute game and at the end of the day, when a game ends, you are going to have tough stretches in a game, without question and you have to manage and minimize it and I was proud of the way the first period changed because we got off to such a tough start and it’s not easy to turn the tide within a period, I thought we did a good job of that, and then obviously, two great third periods the last two nights.”
  • On moving the lines around, “I just tried to change things up a little bit, it wasn’t something I planned on doing for a long time unless things really started clicking for us. I just thought we were a little stale, even though we were spending time in the offensive zone, I thought we were a little stale, so try to change it up a little bit. When the third period started we addressed some things between the second and third and wanted to get back to the lines we had because when we do the things we need to do, those lines give us the best chance to win.”
  • On Kakko, “He’s doing a lot of good things, boy, he’s really grown up in a short amount of time. He got run pretty hard by Hathaway and just to shake it off and continue to play the way he did, go to the net more, I mean he was a key component in two goals, his goal and the next one, when he went to the net and drew a defender with him and created some space and we get the Fox goal, those are two big plays by him in key times and it’s a lot of fun watching a guy grow the way he is.”
  • Should Kakko just go to the net with his stick down, “yes, it is, it sounds simple, doesn’t it, but it’s hard to do consistently because not just our team, players at this level, there is an awful lot of things, because they are talented, they try to do a little too much from time to time, but at this level, the simple things are going to be the foundation of creating offense and when we do those simple things our talent takes over and we are a lot more productive offensively.”
  • How much of the third period from Sunday carry over, “It’s certainly nice to draw from that experience to know that we can be a good third period team and score goals and we did it again tonight. Any time you can turn the clock back and draw from experience, especially something that happened so recently, gives you more confidence to do it and I think our guys had that in the back of their minds.”  (NYR)
  • On Adam Fox, “A lot of things have been said about him and rightly so. This guy’s an elite player in this league and I thought he was last year, I know people talk an awful lot about Makar and Hughes and guys like that, but this guy is special, not only the way he creates offense, but I think an underrated part of his game, and I know I’ve said this a lot, is how he defends and competes and how hockey tough he is. He’s a huge, huge piece of the puzzle here and he’s a great competitor and I think that is something that maybe doesn’t get talked about enough.” (NYR)