2020-21 Rangers

Igor Shesterkin starting against the Islanders tonight

11:59AM: David Quinn met with the media following the morning skate and said (NYR):

  • Are you gonna be the team from Thursday or Friday tonight, (Laughs) “That is a good question. I’m fully anticipating seeing the Rangers team you saw the other night and hopefully a little better.”
  • Who is the starting goalie, “I’m surprised that wasn’t the first question. Shesty will be in net tonight and no other lineup changes.”

  • On the Rangers goal differential, “We have had a couple of blow outs, we have scored 9, 8 and 8 and that can kind of skew it just a little bit, but overall we’ve done some pretty good things. There is a difference between having a big goal differential and winning hockey games. I think there have been games where we have been close, but just haven’t done enough to win and it’s something that we are learning to do. It’s something that we focus on and talk about, playing winning hockey, and we will be tested on it tonight.”
  • Why Shesterkin over Georgiev, “Probably the decision we went back and forth on more than any this year, who to play in goal tonight. Shesty, his play overall, has kind of put him in this position. Georgie played a hell of a game the other night, but, to me, Shesty has put himself in a position to get this opportunity.”
  • Did you give Howden extra time to recuperate after Covid and what have you seen, “We’ve liked his game since he’s been back. I think it’s a little bit of both, give him a chance to play a little bit more, Covid strikes everybody differently, so you are always talking to the medical staff when someone is recovering from it and talking to the player and that certainly played a part in the decision, but we also felt good about our lineup. It was a combination of those things.”
  • On seeing the Islanders again after a few months, “I wouldn’t say a relief to play the Islanders, but it was nice to see someone a little bit different than the teams we’d been playing.”
  • On Zac Jones and UMass, “He’s had a terrific college career so far. He’s someone I’m a little bit familiar with, watching him play before he got to UMass. He’s certainly been a very, very good player there and we think very highly of him as an organization.”

11:35AM: Igor Shesterkin will start for the Rangers on Sunday against the Islanders. (NYR)


Shesterkin had started five games in a row for the Rangers prior to Alex Georgiev’s win on Friday against the Islanders.