2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to the Islanders

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers loss to the Isles and said (MSG):

  • On not getting much from the top players, “It’s just disappointing overall. They get the first goal and when that team gets the lead they do a really good job. I know it’s early and only 1-0, but you just didn’t love the feel after that and then they made it 2-0 and they did everything they needed to do. They stayed on top of us, took away time and space, made it difficult to get inside and just made for a long night for us, they were the better team, clearly.”

  • On the Isles as a measuring stick, “I’ve touched on it before, we’ve got to learn from them and do some of the things they do, a little bit of a mentality that they have. They never beat themselves, now we are also built differently, so sometimes we are going to have the ability to score some goals that other teams don’t, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do all the things everybody can do and that is what we have to get better at, we’ve gotta understand situational hockey better and not get frustrated, I thought we did some good things early, but not consistent enough, but I thought we played some of the period the way we needed to play and we just needed to do it more and we just didn’t do it.”
  • Is there anything specific that troubled you, “just the way the game unfolded, just disappointed because it’s not what we envisioned, it’s not what we expected and it was just something we have ot learn from and a game of this magnitude and we’ve gotta learn how to win games like this.”
  • On Ryan Lindgren, “Haven’t had a chance to get together with the doctors and trainers and him, so not sure yet.”
  • On playing the Islanders, “It’s disappointing and frustrating and all of the above to sit here and have the game go the way it did and lose 4-0. There really wasn’t much to like about our game in any capacity tonight.”
  • What would happen if you lost Lindgren, “To hear that people have had to dig to their 8-9th defenseman and we are no different so if that is the case with Ryan then that is what we are going to have to do.”
  • On Shesterkin, “I thought Shesty played very well tonight and I haven’t thought much about Saturday.”
  • On Kreider’s status, “He’s day-to-day, game time decision and wasn’t able to go. We’ll know more tomorrow.”