2020-21 Rangers, Tom Wilson Situation

What David Quinn said after the loss to Washington

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers loss to Washington and said (NYR):

  • On the start of the game and did guys volunteer for it, “If they did I didn’t know about it. When something like that happens it certainly speaks volumes about how these guys want to play for each other and care for each other in difficult circumstances. We all saw what happened the other night, no one is happy about it and I couldn’t be more prouder of these guys.”

  • On the preparation for the team today, “we had normal meetings this morning and then obviously word got out when it happened. I have so much respect for Jeff and JD, it’s sad, but unfortunately it’s a tough part of sports. Everybody here feels for them, that being said it’s an unbelievable opportunity for Chris and we will do everything we can to support him. It’s been a tough day, but it’s the unfortunate part of sports.”
  • What was your initial and the teams reaction to the news, “I think we are all surprised, I certainly way and talking to the players, they certainly were as well. These decisions are made and like I said, it’s the hard part of sports.”
  • What has Jeff Gorton meant to you and how the rebuild is going, “As far as how I feel about Jeff, I’ve known him for a long time, he gave me this incredible opportunity, I enjoyed working with him everyday, he became a very close friend and he’ll certainly land on his feet, that is for sure. He’s a hell of a hockey guy and a great person, as is JD. We all felt good about what we’ve done up to this point.”
  • On his job security, “Listen, this is pro sports and when you sign up for a job like this, and I certainly understood it when you get to the NHL everyday, anything can happen. That is how I go about it, I don’t go anything further than that and all I thought about was Jeff and JD and how I felt for them.”
  • What is your relationship with Drury, “Chris and I have always had a great working relationship. Obviously we’ve known each other a long time as well and we certainly see a lot of the same things in hockey and a great deal of respect for each other. Not only do we have a great personal relationship, we’ve got a great working relationship.”
  • Were you in the room after the first period and what was the dynamic like, “You could just feel, obviously, when you play for each other and do things that are unselfish and do things for other people there is no better feeling in sports. I think that is what overtook the room and as much as it’s about winning and losing the fights, it’s about creating unity and making sacrifices and being a team and I thought we certainly took a step forward today as an organization.”
  • Have you had any conversations with ownership or Drury, “We talked all day for the most part, we never touched on that yet, we talked about a variety of different things moving forward. Obviously at the right time, myself, Chris and Mr. Dolan will certainly sit down and talk about every aspect of the organization and coaching will be one of them.”