Chris Drury

What Chris Drury said on Saturday

Chris Drury was on MSG during the pre-game show and said:

  • On his emotions this week, “I’m certainly starting to catch my breath a little bit. As I’ve said, Jeff Gorton and John Davidson are great men and mentors for me and certainly leaned a lot on Jeff these last six years and was lucky to be brought back into the organization by Jeff and it was tough to see that for them, but certainly honored and thrilled to have this opportunity and happy to be here.”

  • What message do you want to impart during the exit meetings, “I think it’s important, these last two weeks have been a little rough and going to the Island and Trouba got hurt and it seems like it steamrolled the wrong way for us with injuries adding up, but I wanna focus on some of the good things for sure and hear what guys thought were good and definitely would like to hear what they think the future holds for them individually and collectively as the team.”
  • Will you keep the same mindset you had as a player, “Yea, I think you have to, prepare for every step of the way. As a player, I always tried to be there early and stay and late and be prepared for whatever came and it’s not going to be any different in this job.”
  • What does a Chris Drury roster contain, “I think we gotta take a deep look into what everyone’s roles are, I think I’ve said it a lot this week, we have a lot of really good, talented players at different levels of their careers, different ages, contract status, some lottery picks, some high picks, but I think we gotta get to a place where when you go over the boards you know exactly what your role is, exactly what you are doing that night and why you are doing it and I think this summer will go a long way to clearly define that.”
  • On letting people know what it takes to win, “I think it’s going to start a little bit with the exit meetings on Monday, obviously, I’ve been around the team long enough for the last six years so I think guys have a feel for what I’m like and what I’m about and there are no shortcuts, you wanna be a Stanley Cup winning team you have to be the first in the building in the morning and the last at night and I expect that from all the players and I’m excited to see what they say and what we can to do keep moving this thing in the right direction.”
  • What specifically did you take from JD and Gorton that you will take with you, “Just their experience, they’ve obviously both been in the game for an extremely long time, throw Glen Sather in as well, and Jim Schoenfeld who I got to work for before he left. They’ve seen it all and done it all in different ways, just day-to-day experiences and how they react to things and that will stick with me for a long time.”
  • On being progressive, but also old school, “I believe big time in analytics, I’m always looking for new ways to learn and see the game through that lens. I know you and I have had a lot of discussions over the years about it (To Steve Valiquette) and hopefully, we can continue having those discussions, but without getting into too much detail, it is a big piece of the puzzle for us and we are trying to get all the information we can to make the best decisions that we can.”