2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the last game of the season

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers last game of the season and said (MSG, NYR):

  • On ending the season on a high note, “We kind of talked about that before the game, I was actually talking to Ryan Strome about it later this morning where these last 10 days have felt so bad, just the way things have gone and all that has gone on in our organization and you kind of forget that you want to judge your season on the totality of it. To be in the hunt up to 10 days ago, which feels like 10-years ago and not have Trouba and Kreider for those two games against the Islanders and they are so pivotal to us and to lose those two guys put us behind the eight-ball and losing the way we have lately and with what has been going on in our organization with the Wilson incident and Jeff and JD situation and it’s been difficult, but it was great to finish the way we did, exciting for all of us to get Chris his first victory as GM. There is so much that has gone on and that might get lost in all of this, that Chris has an opportunity to be a GM and it’s a great opportunity for him and I know that all of us and our players were happy to we were able to get him his first win as a GM.”

  • What did it mean to see them compete and play hard in the last game, “You want to go out on a winning note because you are going to carry whatever happens today throughout the summer and we talked about it from an individual standpoint and collectively as a team standpoint and I thought our guys did a hell of a job today, we showed a lot of characteristics you are going to need moving forward. The game against the Caps spoke an awful lot about the players we have here and how they want to play for each other and take a step forward and play as a team and I thought we did that as well as an organization. These are things we can carry over through the summer and into next fall.”
  • On Mika Zibanejad, “We all knew it was going to happen and a lot was made of what went on early in the season and people kind of lost sight of the fact that it was a difficult summer for a lot of people to train, he got Covid right before the season started, anybody that has had Covid knows that there are lingering effects, who knows how it affected him, it affects everyone differently, but you are talking about an elite hockey player, a guy that means an awful lot to this organization, it was no fluke what he has done the past two years before this year and to finish with 50 points after the start he had really speaks to the type of player he is and we are fortunate to have him.”
  • Did you learn anything about your team this week that you didn’t know, “I knew they had all these things in them and we had an opportunity to kind of show it and we did. As we continue to grow as an organization these characteristics and traits we showed over the last week are going to bode well for us moving forward.”
  • Do you personally feel drained, “It’s been a long year for everybody, a unique year for everybody in this league. Obviously everything we’ve been through, but again, we were in this thing 10 days ago and had a chance. As I touched on before every team goes through injuries and we got hit hard the last two weeks of the season and weren’t able to fight our way through it, but it seems like 10-years ago we were heading into that two game series with the Islanders and we literally had a chance to make the playoffs and make a push and unfortunately we weren’t able to do it.”