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Ryan Strome is drawing trade interest

7/22/21 | Seattle is believed to have spoken to the Rangers about Strome. (Sportsnet)

7/18/21 | 11AM: According to St. Louis Blues broadcaster Andy Strickland, Ryan Strome is drawing a “decent amount” of trade interest.

Strickland mentions Ottawa as one of the interested teams.


Strome is slated to be a UFA after this season and he has a cap hit of $4.5 million.

He had 49 points in 56 games last season and he has spent almost all of the past two seasons as Artemi Panarin’s center.

Adam Rotter: If the Rangers are to trade Strome then it means they have some other deal to land a center and replace him. Both Strome and Mika Zibanejad are UFA after this season so it’s hard to see the Rangers heading into this season without certainty that one of them will be with them for 2022-23.

Why would the Rangers want to move Strome? The main reasons would be him being a pending UFA, wanting to change up the mix at forward and because they think they can get someone better/different to replace him.

The question people around the league have with Strome is: how good he’s going to be without Artemi Panarin? As a center there is always going to be interest in a guy like Strome, especially someone who, Panarin or not, has good offensive instincts. As a UFA next summer he’d likely be able to get 5-6 years in the $5 million to $6 million dollar range, which is fair for someone like him, but probably an area the Rangers don’t want to go down. And while this is about Strome, it’s impossible to look at the Rangers down the middle and not wonder whether or not an extension for Mika Zibanejad is coming. Any and all moves at center for the Rangers have to be looked at in the context of what it means for Zibanejad.