Chris Drury

What Chris Drury said about Buchnevich, Othman, Blais and more

Chris Drury spoke late last night and said (NYR):

  • On trading Buchnevich, “There is only so much cap space to go around, only so much ice time to go around, I feel very good about our depth at winger with some recent early draft picks we’ve had and some other veterans that we’ve signed and that was basically it.”

  • On drafting Othman, Chris Drury said “Excited to get him where we did, we had kind of narrowed it down to 3-4 players at that pick and you are crossing your fingers as it goes on and excited he was there. Our scouts describe him as a Swiss-army knife kind of player, can play both wings, up and down the lineup, has some edge to his game, a big-time shot, understands the 200-ft game and we are excited to bring him into the mix.”
  • Were you close to trading the pick, “we talked to a lot of different teams, a lot of different possibilities, but I would say it was not that close. We are always looking to improve the team and if we could have done something with that pick to do so, we would have, but at the end of the day we are happy we kept it and got the player we did.”
  • On Sammy Blais, “I think, as you can see with some of the moves we made, we are trying to reshape and get a little different look in our bottom-six, he brings a lot of size, good physical edge, some offensive upside and the minutes he’s played in the past he’s had good production. Like Barclay he’s another guy that walks into our room with a ton of playoff experience, also has a Stanley Cup ring.”
  • What has today been like for you, “It’s been a busy day, busy week for everyone, a lot of our scouts are in, a lot of staff at the training center working late hours and it’s been exciting, but as you know, very busy, lots of balls in the air.”
  • On getting players for specific roles, “I think it exactly has, we did talk about that back in Boston at that first press conference. You go back to the bubble and some games last season and we are trying to reshape it. When guys go over the boards they know exactly what their role is and what is expected of them and I think we are on our way to do that.”
  • Do you anticipate more moves, “I don’t know if it’s ever really finished, we are always looking to get better. Everyday we are making calls and looking at things and talking to different people and if we can do something to get better we will.”

Why was this the right time to trade Buchnevich, “I think it just gives us some flexibility moving forward a little bit, for the rest of this offseason. There is only so much to go around, whether it’s this year or next year and certainly ice time is a factor and that is part of what went into it.”